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May’s mandate melts

Posted by hkarner - 29. Mai 2017

Date: 26-05-2017
Source: The Economist

THERESA MAY, Britain’s prime minister, called a surprise election for June 8th arguing that she needed a strong mandate for negotiating Brexit. The pound rallied on the news, in the belief that a large Conservative majority would allow Mrs May the flexibility to do a deal with the EU, and see off the hard-liners among her party.
For a while, it looked as if the plan was going well. The Conservatives had a 20-point lead in some polls. But the party’s campaign, heavily reliant on the appeal of its leader and the repeated use of soundbites like “strong and stable”, has been misjudged. The manifesto launch was disastrous and included a pledge to charge the elderly (a key Tory demographic) for social care. That pledge was quickly reversed, but Mrs May’s refusal to admit to an obvious U-turn undermined her strong leadership claims. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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Goldman-Chef: „Finanzplatz London wird auf der Stelle treten“

Posted by hkarner - 5. Mai 2017

Die US-Investment-Bank habe Notfallpläne bereit, sagte Vorstandschef Lloyd Blankfein. Viele Banken zieht es nach Frankfurt.

 Die US-Investmentbank Goldman Sachs erwartet eine Beeinträchtigung des Finanzplatzes London durch den EU-Austritt Großbritanniens. „Er wird auf der Stelle treten“, sagte Vorstandschef Lloyd Blankfein einem BBC-Bericht von Freitag zufolge. „Er könnte auch ein bisschen schrumpfen. Das hängt von vielen Dingen ab, worüber wir noch unsicher sind.“

Goldman setze sich für eine mehrjährige Umsetzungsphase ein,
sobald der Brexit unter Dach und Fach sei, ergänzte Blankfein.
Sein Haus habe „Notfallpläne“ für den Umzug von Mitarbeitern,
sollte der Ausgang der Verhandlungen zwischen EU und
Großbritannien dies erfordern. Goldman beschäftigt derzeit 6500 Mitarbeiter in Großbritannien. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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Will London Survive Brexit?

Posted by hkarner - 26. April 2017

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Michael Treichls Anwesen in Südengland abgebrannt

Posted by hkarner - 18. April 2017

18. April 2017, 14:43 derstandard.at

Nach Großbrand blieb vom Großteil des Schlosses in Südengland nur die steinerne Fassade übrig

Wien/London – Schock für die Treichl-Familie: Am Karsamstag ist das jahrhundertealte Anwesen des Investmentbankers und Investors Michael Treichl in Südengland abgebrannt. Michael Treichl gehört zur prominentesten österreichischen Bankerdynastie: Er ist der Bruder von Erste-Chef Andreas Treichl und ältere Sohn des 2014 im Alter von 101 Jahren verstorbenen österreichischen „Jahrhundertbankers“ Heinrich Treichl. Lokale und überregionale britische Medien (Daily Mail, BBC etc.) zeigten Bilder der Brandruine in Dorset. Das gut 500 Jahre alte schlossartige Anwesen ist eines der ältesten Herrschaftsgebäude der Grafschaft und in Großbritannien historisch wichtig. Es ist trotz der Löschversuche von hundert Feuerwehrleuten zu einem großen Teil praktisch bis auf die Steinfassade zerstört worden. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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U.K.’s Challenge: Reconciling Its Brexit Aims

Posted by hkarner - 4. April 2017

Date: 03-04-2017
Source: The Wall Street Journal By SIMON NIXON

Prime Minister Theresa May needs a deal that achieves three objectives. But the objectives may be irreconcilable

After nine months of phony war, the Brexit battle lines have been drawn.

Last week’s opening salvos were cloaked in generous diplomatic language. British Prime Minister Theresa May used her letter invoking Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty to laud Europe’s liberal democratic values and declared her wish for a “deep and special partnership” with the European Union.

EU Council President Donald Tusk reciprocated by declaring the Brexit negotiations an exercise in “damage control” with the goal of keeping the U.K. as close a partner as possible.

The desire for an amicable divorce on both sides is sincere, not least because the consequences of a collapse of the legal frameworks underpinning current cooperation in areas such as trade, finance, science and security would be so severe. Yet neither side is confident that the obstacles to a deal can be overcome.

The greatest obstacles lie within the U.K. itself. Mrs. May faces what may prove an impossible trilemma. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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Britain’s brutal encounter with reality

Posted by hkarner - 1. April 2017

Date: 30-03-2017
Source: The Economist

Time to be honest about the trade-offs ahead

NINE tumultuous months after Britons voted to leave the European Union, the real Brexit process is at last under way. Theresa May’s dispatch of a letter to the European Council on March 29th, invoking Article 50 of the EU treaty, marked the point at which Britain’s withdrawal from the union became all but inevitable. For half the country’s population this was a moment to celebrate; for the other half, including this newspaper, it marked a bleak day. The future of both camps—and of the EU itself—now depends on what Mrs May does next.

The negotiations are sure to be difficult. Time is short, since Article 50 comes with a two-year deadline. The task of unwinding Britain’s membership of the club is fearsomely complex. Neither side is well prepared. In Britain, where Brexit increasingly resembles a faith-based initiative, voters have been given wildly unrealistic expectations of the Utopia ahead. Their first contact with the reality of losing preferential access to their main market will be traumatic. Unless Mrs May can persuade the Brexiteers on her own side that they must accept concessions, Britain may end up flouncing out of Europe without any deal at all. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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From Great Britain to Little England?

Posted by hkarner - 30. März 2017

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„Dear President Tusk“ … the British § 50 Letter

Posted by hkarner - 29. März 2017


.. a wishlist for Christmas (e.g. item iii.) (hfk)

Angela Merkel derails Theresa May’s Brexit plan by rejecting parallel trade talks

The Independent, 29/3

Britain is to be put into the slow lane

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Chief EU Brexit Negotiator Warns Britain of ‘Serious Consequences’ if No Deal Is Reached

Posted by hkarner - 23. März 2017

Date: 23-03-2017
Source: The Wall Street Journal

Michel Barnier says millions of citizens will face uncertain future

Michel Barnier, the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator warned Britain that divorce talks must be concluded.

BRUSSELS—European Union’s chief Brexit negotiator gave the U.K. a stark warning about the serious consequences it would face if it fails to agree to divorce terms with the bloc.

Speaking days before the U.K. is due to trigger its formal exit notification from the bloc, Michel Barnier on Wednesday warned Britain’s government that the U.K. would be “gravely affected” if there was no deal at the end of the two-year negotiation window.

“We have to call a spade a spade, there won’t be any business as usual,” Mr. Barnier said. “This is not a minor event. It’s a serious and exceptional situation.”

He said that in the case of no deal, British businesses would face significant supply-chain problems, the reintroduction of customs controls that could gum up British ports and there would be major challenges for seamless air travel to and from the U.K.

Even the supply of nuclear material to the U.K. would be at risk because the U.K. would be left outside of the EU’s nuclear-research and safety agreement, he said. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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UK-based airlines told to move to Europe after Brexit or lose major routes

Posted by hkarner - 23. März 2017

Date: 22-03-2017
Source: The Guardian

Exclusive: Fears for UK jobs as EU officials say airlines will need to move base and majority of shareholders to fly routes within Europe

It is thought that both easyJet and Ryanair would have less than 50% of their shares held by EU nationals after Brexit.

EU chiefs have warned airlines including easyJet, Ryanair and British Airways that they will need to relocate their headquarters and sell off shares to European nationals if they want to continue flying routes within continental Europe after Brexit.

Executives at major carriers have been reminded during recent private meetings with officials that to continue to operate on routes across the continent – for instance, from Milan to Paris – they must have a significant base on EU territory and that a majority of their capital shares must be EU-owned. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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