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Germany’s government: Easy politics, bad policies

Posted by hkarner - 25. April 2014

Date: 24-04-2014
Source: The Economist

By indulging her Social Democratic coalition partners, Angela Merkel risks turning Germany in the wrong direction

ANGELA MERKEL, Germany’s chancellor, is popular because Germans see her as a steady hand. In her first term, between 2005 and 2009, she coped with financial turmoil emanating from America. In her second, from 2009 to 2013, she kept the euro crisis at bay. In her third term, now in its fifth month, she is Europe’s leader in confronting Russia over Ukraine.

At home, however, she is less sure. She could be ambitious. As in her first term, she is in a “grand coalition” of the two biggest groups in parliament: her own Christian Democratic Union (CDU) with its Bavarian sister party on the centre-right, and the Social Democratic Party (SPD) on the centre-left. The opposition has just one-fifth of the seats, and consists of two parties with little credibility. The smaller is the Greens, still squabbling after their defeat in September’s election. The larger is the ex-communist Left Party. Its parliamentary leader, Gregor Gysi, is easily the Bundestag’s most entertaining and witty speaker, but that is largely because he is unburdened by any responsibility.

During her previous grand coalition Mrs Merkel made one big domestic reform. In Europe’s fastest-ageing country, she raised the retirement age from 65 to 67. Sadly, there is less method in the seeming madness of the present coalition’s opening salvo of policies—what Germans are calling Reförmchen, or “reformlets”. One of these again affects pensions, but in the opposite direction, lowering the retirement age for certain workers to 63, and perhaps even to 61 if years in unemployment are counted. Economists and employers are screaming foul. So are 50 of the 311 parliamentarians from Mrs Merkel’s own centre-right camp, who fear the economy will suffer. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »


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The Second Step to Reforming America

Posted by hkarner - 22. August 2013

Author: Fabius Maximus · August 16th, 2013 · RGE EconoMonitor

Summary: The most frequent request by readers is for solutions. How can we reform America? This is another in a series of posts attempting an answer. Today we consider what kind of organization might accomplish so great a goal, and what tactics it should use.

It will take special people to reform America.The problem: how to reawaken the American spirit, to convince our fellow Americans to again accept the burden and responsibility of self-government?I believe this love of freedom lies latent in us, smouldering today. Our task is to build this into a flame, creating organizations capable of reforming America’s political structure. Events during the past decade suggest that this requires starting from scratch, rather than working from within current organizations.

The post describing the first step on this path said that it will take many years, but starts with the first organization built upon recognition of the problem and dedicated to a solution. The first one can be small. They will grow if the time is right. Today we discuss the principles for construction of such groups.

The goal will be to gain support from the broad middle of the political spectrum, overcoming the power and wealth of the 1% by weight of numbers. The history of reform movements in America shows some of the dangers to be met.

  1. Observation by every technical means and to be extensively infiltrated. There will be no secrets. Embrace that and operate with extreme transparency. Let them spy and listen.
  2. To be discredited by false flag operations by the government to discredit them. Preemptively defend against them by adopting strict, heavily publicized policy of non-violence to people and property. Martin Luther King’s rules must give every action. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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„Das grösste Reformpaket der 2. Republik“

Posted by hkarner - 10. Februar 2012

„Wir werden 2016 das erste Mal nach dem 2. Weltkrieg kein Budgetdefizit haben“ (W. Faymann in ZIB1) Na, das werden wir ja sehen. Aber es wird ihn dann ja nicht mehr geben! (hfk)

Die offizielle Darstellung der Bundesregierung: Das_Reformpaket_-_Die_Zahlen

Presseaussendung Fekter: „Es freut mich, dass es uns gemeinsam gelungen ist, das größte Reformpaket der Zweiten Republik zu schnüren. Wir werden bis 2016 insgesamt 26,457 Milliarden Euro konsolidieren“, gab Finanzministerin Dr. Maria Fekter am Freitag Abend bekannt. 76 Prozent Einsparungen bei den Ausgaben, 24 Prozent Einsparungen durch Schließung von Steuerlücken. (der Solidarbeitrag für Besserverdienende z.B. schliesst hiermit eine „Steuerlücke“ – hfk) „Dieses Verhältnis ist ein starkes Signal für unseren Sparwillen“, so Fekter. „Mit unseren Beschlüssen haben wir einen nachhaltigen (wer bringt der Dame einmal bei, was „nachhaltig“ wirklich bedeutet?) Kostendämpfungspfad beschlossen, mit dem wir unser Defizit sukzessive zurückführen werden“, erklärte Fekter weiter. „Trotz des großen Volumens haben wir es geschafft, die Maßnahmen so zu setzen, dass Wachstum und Investitionen nicht gehemmt (da bin ich aber neugierig!) und vor allem Arbeitsplätze nicht gefährdet werden“, betonte die Finanzministerin. Erfreut zeigte sich Fekter auch über die Einigung mit den Bundesländern: „Wir werden den Österreichischen Stabilitätspakt neu verhandeln, sodass der Beitrag von Ländern und Gemeinden zur Schuldenbremse bis 2016 rund 5,2 Milliarden Euro betragen wird“, so Fekter. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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