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How Artificial intelligence and Robots Will Radically Transform the Economy

Posted by hkarner - 2. Dezember 2016

Date: 01-12-2016

Next time you stop for gas at a self-serve pump, say hello to the robot in front of you. Its life story can tell you a lot about the robot economy roaring toward us like an EF5 tornado on the prairie.

Yeah, your automated gas pump killed a lot of jobs over the years, but its biography might give you hope that the coming wave of automation driven by artificial intelligence (AI) will turn out better for almost all of us than a lot of people seem to think.

The first crude version of an automated gas-delivering robot appeared in 1964 at a station in Westminster, Colorado. Short Stop convenience store owner John Roscoe bought an electric box that let a clerk inside activate any of the pumps outside. Self-serve pumps didn’t catch on until the 1970s, when pump-makers added automation that let customers pay at the pump, and over the next 30 years, stations across the nation installed these task-specific robots and fired attendants. By the 2000s, the gas attendant job had all but disappeared. (Two states, New Jersey and Oregon, protect full-service gas by law.)

That’s hundreds of thousands of jobs vaporized—there are now 168,000 gas stations in the U.S. The loss of those jobs was undoubtedly devastating for the individuals who had them, but the broader impact has been pretty positive for the rest of us. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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Posted by hkarner - 27. November 2016

Date: 26-11-2016
Source: NewsWeek

Less educated voters are more likely to back populist parties in Europe, too.

Tweeters worried Donald Trump may divide families at Thanksgiving

Donald Trump spent much of his election campaign raging against groups he doesn’t like; Muslims, the media, Mexicans and the rest. But there’s at least one group he’s a fan of. “I love the poorly educated!” the president-elect to be declared after pulling off a victory in the Nevada caucus of the Republican primary.

Now, an analysis of his shock election victory shows the feeling was mutual.

It was “education, not income,” that was the strongest predictor of a vote for Trump, according to the polling analyst Nate Silver. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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How Europe Can Survive the Populist Onslaught in a Post-Trump, Post-Brexit World

Posted by hkarner - 24. November 2016

Date: 23-11-2016
Source: NewsWeek

Is there really an international wave of a hard-right populism?

Are the masses rising up around the world to topple corrupt elites? Or is talk of this colossal political shift just jargon, guff and cocktail chatter concocted by analysts searching for patterns when the victories of Donald Trump in the U.S. presidential election and Britain’s decision to leave the EU—to name the two most significant results in the West—could just be unconnected blips?

A year ago, the evidence for a global phenomenon was weak. Some midsize European countries, Hungary and Poland, had elected rightist, anti-globalization governments, and France, the Netherlands, Sweden and a few other European nations had parties that were beginning, maybe, to look like electoral contenders. The U.K. was heading for a vote on its EU membership, but few people thought the majority would vote for Brexit. At that point, Trump seemed to be just a whacky sideshow in a Republican primary. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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Posted by hkarner - 22. November 2016

Date: 21-11-2016
Source: Newsweek


“Fascism is a religion,” wrote Benito Mussolini, in his 1932 Doctrine of Fascism. “The twentieth century will be known in history as the century of Fascism.”

But what will the 21st century be known as? The rise of the anti-elite?
Or the century of economic decay that lead to fascism?

Le Pen‚Soft Side‘ of Fascism
When Donald Trump was elected, one of his many congratulatory tweets came from Marine Le Pen, the media-savvy, populist right wing leader of France’s National Front, who sees a kindred spirit in the mogul who supposedly stands for the common man. “Congratulations to the new American president and the free American people,” wrote Le Pen, a 49-year old attorney and the daughter of the party’s founder, Jean-Marie. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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Posted by hkarner - 10. November 2016

Date: 09-11-2016yanis-varoufakis-200x200


Progressives must learn from 1930, when people ‚failed to reach across borders and political party lines to stop the rot.‘

Donald Trump’s victory marks the end of an era when a self-confident establishment preached the end of history, the end of passion and the supremacy of a technocracy working on behalf of the 1 percent. But the era it ushers in is not new. It is a new variant of the 1930s, featuring deflationary economics, xenophobia and divide-and-rule politics.

Passion has returned to politics but not in a way that will help the 80 percent left behind since the 1970s. Passion is now fuelling misanthropy.

Passion is exploiting the anger of the 80 percent to re-arrange power at the top, while leaving the 80 percent moribund, betrayed and divided. And it is our job to stop this. It is our job to harness passion in the cause of humanism.

The establishment’s folly is causing its demise. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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Posted by hkarner - 31. Oktober 2016

Date: 30-10-2016
Source: NewsWeek

New products aim to show the benefits of combining Tesla with SolarCity.

Tesla Motors Inc. Chief Executive Elon Musk on Friday unveiled new energy products aimed at illustrating the benefits of combining his electric car and battery maker with solar installer SolarCity Corp.

The billionaire entrepreneur showed off solar-powered roof tiles that eliminate the need for traditional panels and a longer-lasting home battery, which Tesla calls the Powerwall, aimed at realizing his vision of selling a fossil fuel free lifestyle to consumers.

„This is sort of the integrated future. An electric car, a Powerwall and a solar roof. The key is it needs to be beautiful, affordable and seamlessly integrated,“ Musk said while showcasing the products on homes that once served as the set of the television show „Desperate Housewives.“ Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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Posted by hkarner - 22. September 2016

Date: 21-09-2016
Source: NewsWeek

Leading computer science company Microsoft will “solve” cancer within a decade by working out how to reprogram diseased cells back to their healthy state, according to reports.

This summer, the technology company opened its first wet laboratory, assembling a team of biologists, programers and engineers who plan to attack cancerous cells the way one attacks a bug in a computer.

Chris Bishop, laboratory director at Microsoft Research, told The Daily Telegraph: “I think it’s a very natural thing for Microsoft to be looking at because we have tremendous expertise in computer science and what is going on in cancer is a computational problem. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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Posted by hkarner - 10. September 2016

Date: 09-09-2016
Source: NewsWeek

clegg-ccThe U.K.’s former deputy prime minister tells Newsweek his coalition partners shifted to the right.

Nick Clegg has revealed that he would never have entered into a second coalition government that promised a referendum on EU membership.

At the time of the 2015 election, Clegg had not publicly ruled out joining a government that offered the electorate a vote on the EU. But he tells Newsweek in an interview to promote his new book Politics: Between the Extremes that he had privately decided against doing so.

“I realised that there was no way that David Cameron could wriggle out of this commitment to his party,” he says. “Equally, there was absolutely no way that I could ever consent to it, so I came to my own private view that I…me personally, I could never be part of a government built on what I thought was such a foolish referendum commitment.”

Clegg, who led the Liberal Democrats as deputy prime minister during their time in coalition between 2010-15 and now serves as his party’s frontbench Brexit spokesperson, says the Conservative Party veered dramatically to the right during the time his party shared power with it. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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Posted by hkarner - 8. September 2016

Date: 07-09-2016
Source: NewsWeek

The main beneficiary of Merkel’s decline has been a far-right party that would like to end the euro.

In gauging the eurozone’s long-run prospects of holding together, one would be well-advised to keep a close eye on German political developments in the runup to next year’s German parliamentary elections.

Those developments are all too likely to further undermine Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has been by far the most dominant European figure in successfully managing the European sovereign debt crisis to date.

There are many reasons for concern about Merkel’s future political prospects. Over the past year, in the wake of her unpopular open-door Syrian migrant policy, the once highly popular and invincible Merkel has seen her personal popularity drop to below 50 percent.

This has increasingly raised questions as to whether she will seek a fourth term in the September 2017 elections. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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Posted by hkarner - 5. September 2016

Date: 04-09-2016
Source: NewsWeek

German political economist argues Merkel’s refugee policy was driven by domestic concerns.

Angela Merkel’s liberal approach toward asylum seekers helped to push Britons toward voting for Brexit, a leading academic has claimed.

In a paper published Sunday by the Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute, one year on from Merkel’s September 2015 decision to open Germany’s borders to asylum seekers, German political economist Wolfgang Streeck argues that the move was “without doubt a major force” behind the U.K.’s vote to leave the European Union on June 23.

“When hearing about the refugee policies sold by the Merkel government to the German public as European policies,” Streeck writes, the British public, “Must have feared that at some stage these would have to be adopted by their country as well.”

Merkel-007German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Did Merkel’s policy on refugees help to drive Brexit?

“Looking across the Channel at the Continent, British voters may rightly have been afraid of being burdened with yet another quasi-constitutional, democratically unchangeable obligation to unconditionally open their borders and their labor markets,” he continues.

Streeck argues that Merkel’s asylum policy was made in response to domestic circumstances, calling it an “’immigration policy camouflaged as asylum and refugee policy.” Merkel was motivated in part, he argues, by the German economy’s “chronic hunger for labour,” and by “a desire to divert attention from the German-inspired massacre of the Greek Syriza government.”

Merkel then, he claims, required other European states to go along with the German “interpretation” of EU asylum law, to legitimize the policy.

“The slogan of the Leave campaign, ‘Taking back control’,” Streeck writes, “must to an important extent be read to reflect a desire not to be subject to the mysterious idiosyncrasies of a German government endowed by its political system with almost unlimited freedom of maneuver and permitted by a skillfully cornered opposition to present its domestic needs as European interests informed by European values.”

Merkel is facing mounting criticism of her asylum policy within Germany.

Sunday sees voters go to the polls in the northern state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. The right-populist Alternative for Germany (AFD) is expected to perform well, having capitalized on discontent with high immigration to Germany under Merkel’s government.

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