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Posted by hkarner - 22. September 2016

Date: 21-09-2016
Source: NewsWeek

Leading computer science company Microsoft will “solve” cancer within a decade by working out how to reprogram diseased cells back to their healthy state, according to reports.

This summer, the technology company opened its first wet laboratory, assembling a team of biologists, programers and engineers who plan to attack cancerous cells the way one attacks a bug in a computer.

Chris Bishop, laboratory director at Microsoft Research, told The Daily Telegraph: “I think it’s a very natural thing for Microsoft to be looking at because we have tremendous expertise in computer science and what is going on in cancer is a computational problem. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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Posted by hkarner - 10. September 2016

Date: 09-09-2016
Source: NewsWeek

clegg-ccThe U.K.’s former deputy prime minister tells Newsweek his coalition partners shifted to the right.

Nick Clegg has revealed that he would never have entered into a second coalition government that promised a referendum on EU membership.

At the time of the 2015 election, Clegg had not publicly ruled out joining a government that offered the electorate a vote on the EU. But he tells Newsweek in an interview to promote his new book Politics: Between the Extremes that he had privately decided against doing so.

“I realised that there was no way that David Cameron could wriggle out of this commitment to his party,” he says. “Equally, there was absolutely no way that I could ever consent to it, so I came to my own private view that I…me personally, I could never be part of a government built on what I thought was such a foolish referendum commitment.”

Clegg, who led the Liberal Democrats as deputy prime minister during their time in coalition between 2010-15 and now serves as his party’s frontbench Brexit spokesperson, says the Conservative Party veered dramatically to the right during the time his party shared power with it. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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Posted by hkarner - 8. September 2016

Date: 07-09-2016
Source: NewsWeek

The main beneficiary of Merkel’s decline has been a far-right party that would like to end the euro.

In gauging the eurozone’s long-run prospects of holding together, one would be well-advised to keep a close eye on German political developments in the runup to next year’s German parliamentary elections.

Those developments are all too likely to further undermine Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has been by far the most dominant European figure in successfully managing the European sovereign debt crisis to date.

There are many reasons for concern about Merkel’s future political prospects. Over the past year, in the wake of her unpopular open-door Syrian migrant policy, the once highly popular and invincible Merkel has seen her personal popularity drop to below 50 percent.

This has increasingly raised questions as to whether she will seek a fourth term in the September 2017 elections. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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Posted by hkarner - 5. September 2016

Date: 04-09-2016
Source: NewsWeek

German political economist argues Merkel’s refugee policy was driven by domestic concerns.

Angela Merkel’s liberal approach toward asylum seekers helped to push Britons toward voting for Brexit, a leading academic has claimed.

In a paper published Sunday by the Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute, one year on from Merkel’s September 2015 decision to open Germany’s borders to asylum seekers, German political economist Wolfgang Streeck argues that the move was “without doubt a major force” behind the U.K.’s vote to leave the European Union on June 23.

“When hearing about the refugee policies sold by the Merkel government to the German public as European policies,” Streeck writes, the British public, “Must have feared that at some stage these would have to be adopted by their country as well.”

Merkel-007German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Did Merkel’s policy on refugees help to drive Brexit?

“Looking across the Channel at the Continent, British voters may rightly have been afraid of being burdened with yet another quasi-constitutional, democratically unchangeable obligation to unconditionally open their borders and their labor markets,” he continues.

Streeck argues that Merkel’s asylum policy was made in response to domestic circumstances, calling it an “’immigration policy camouflaged as asylum and refugee policy.” Merkel was motivated in part, he argues, by the German economy’s “chronic hunger for labour,” and by “a desire to divert attention from the German-inspired massacre of the Greek Syriza government.”

Merkel then, he claims, required other European states to go along with the German “interpretation” of EU asylum law, to legitimize the policy.

“The slogan of the Leave campaign, ‘Taking back control’,” Streeck writes, “must to an important extent be read to reflect a desire not to be subject to the mysterious idiosyncrasies of a German government endowed by its political system with almost unlimited freedom of maneuver and permitted by a skillfully cornered opposition to present its domestic needs as European interests informed by European values.”

Merkel is facing mounting criticism of her asylum policy within Germany.

Sunday sees voters go to the polls in the northern state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. The right-populist Alternative for Germany (AFD) is expected to perform well, having capitalized on discontent with high immigration to Germany under Merkel’s government.

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Posted by hkarner - 5. September 2016

Date: 04-09-2016
Source: NewsWeek

Once drones come loaded with sophisticated AI and voice-recognition technology, humans won’t have to guide them.

Three years ago, Jeff Bezos announced that drones are eventually going to deliver Amazon orders. In the past year, he brought out Amazon’s Alexa artificial intelligence service, which understands speech well enough that you can say, “Alexa, I really need a waffle cone maker,” and she’ll put one in your Amazon online shopping cart, even though nobody needs a waffle cone maker.

Both of these technologies—drones and cloud AI—are exciting today, yet still wobbly works in progress. But in coming years, Amazon or some other company is going to put them together. And that, finally, will evolve into a technology that could become as significant to humans as domesticated dogs.

Right now, drones are more overhyped than a Kanye West fashion collection. At the end of August, the Federal Aviation Administration enacted rules so companies clearly know how to operate drones within the law. The FAA’s pro-innovation stance set off waves of drone exuberance, including predictions that 600,000 commercial drones would be operating in the U.S. within a year, creating 100,000 jobs and no doubt inspiring millions of PowerPoint slides proposing drone businesses. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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Posted by hkarner - 1. September 2016

Date: 31-08-2016Dodds CC

Not even the world’s biggest company is above the law, writes U.K. MEP Anneliese Dodds.

Ireland and Apple to Appeal Tax Ruling

Apple likes to do things on a huge scale. In 2014, it produced the best-selling smartphone in the world. At the end of the following year, it recorded the largest quarterly profit in history.  It is currently the biggest company in the world.

Now it has broken records again—but for all the wrong reasons. The EU’s competition commissioner, Margrethe Vestager, has announced that Apple has to repay a staggering €13 billion ($14.5 billion) in unpaid taxes to the government of Ireland, in the biggest state aid fine in history.

It makes the multimillion euro fines handed out previously to Italian carmaker Fiat, Belgian brewer AB InBev, German chemical giant BASF and fellow U.S. multinational Starbucks look like small fry in comparison. You could almost hear the gasps in the room as Commissioner Vestager made her announcement.

What has happened is indeed shocking. For 25 years, the Irish government offered a sweetheart deal to Apple that led, unbelievably, to the global technology giant paying just 0.005 percent on its European profits in 2014. Even compared to Ireland’s laughably low corporate tax rate of 12.5 percent, that is an outrageous figure. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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Posted by hkarner - 29. August 2016

Date: 28-08-2016
Source: NewsWeek

Tesla cars will be a part of a sustainable electric system: the solar panels, the batteries, and the software to manage power and trade it over networks.

Musk CCThis has been the planet’s hottest summer in recorded history, so it’s nice to know Elon Musk has commenced his grand scheme to transform the energy business so profoundly that there’s a chance Iceland won’t become the new Jamaica after all.

One small step in Musk’s plan involves merging Tesla, his electric car company, with SolarCity, his cousin’s solar panel maker. That deal—announced in August—has been getting all sorts of blowback from short-term-thinking Wall Street nincompoops, who groan that both companies are losing money and the merger won’t help. Such doubts about Musk are like asking the Wright brothers in 1899 why they were fiddling with bicycle parts.

Future of Energy

There’s so much more at stake than just a company or stock price. The future of energy is coming into view, driven by Musk and a growing number of investors and entrepreneurs. In a decade or two, most homes and buildings will have cheap and superefficient solar panels on their roofs and high-powered batteries in their basements or garages. The batteries will store power generated when the sun shines for use when it doesn’t. Each of these buildings will be connected to a two-way power line that can allow anyone to sell excess energy or buy needed energy in an eBay-style marketplace. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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Posted by hkarner - 29. August 2016

Date: 28-08-2016
Source: NewsWeek

The Daily Telegraph reports that the prime minister has consulted lawyers who say a Parliamentary vote is not needed.

May cc 1Theresa May: What You Should Know

British Prime Minister Theresa May will not hold a parliamentary vote on Brexit before formally triggering Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union, The Daily Telegraph reported on Saturday, without specifying sources.

May will not offer opponents the chance to stall the withdrawal and has consulted lawyers who say she has the power to invoke the exit without a parliamentary vote, the conservative newspaper said. A majority of the 650 lawmakers had declared themselves „Remainers.“

Opponents maintain that since the EU referendum result is not legally binding, elected lawmakers should review the vote before the process is started.

The UK voted to leave the EU on June 23, but May has said she will not invoke Article 50, the formal two-year process for divorce from the bloc, before the end of the year to allow time to prepare the exit strategy.

No one at the prime minister’s office was available to comment. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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Posted by hkarner - 22. Juli 2016

Date: 21-07-2016
Source: NewsWeek

A new study finds that climate change is significantly stunting trees‘ growth—hindering their ability to take carbon out of the air.

Trees can slow the warming of our planet by taking carbon out of the air, but only if they’re healthy. And hotter, longer summers could soon be weakening trees beyond repair, devastating whole forests across North America and turning them into sources of carbon, in some cases as soon as 2050.

That’s the upshot of an ominous new study published Wednesday in the journal Ecology Letters. „It’s like a thermostat gone bad,“ said Margaret Evans, an assistant research professor in the University of Arizona’s Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research (LTRR) and a lead author on the study. „Forests act as a carbon sink by taking carbon dioxide out of atmosphere, but the more the climate is warming, the slower the trees are growing, the less carbon they suck up, the faster the climate is changing.Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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Posted by hkarner - 17. Mai 2016

Date: 16-05-2016
Source: NewsWeek BY RUTH FORSYTH

Merkel Putin CCVladimir Putin meets Angela Merkel

The author writes that Merkel should address the German public and explain the threat that Russia’s subversive activities represent to the security and stability of Germany.

Among the multiple crises currently taking place on the European continent, another serious threat has been unfolding. Russia is actively seeking to harm and destabilize Germany.

Taken together, Russian actions against Germany represent another example of hybrid warfare targeting the legitimacy of a European government. This is all the more dangerous because Russia has targeted its campaign against Germany: a key leader of the EU and a government currently struggling to keep Europe united in the face of numerous security threats, both internal and external.

Throughout the Ukraine crisis, Russia has increased its espionage activity in Germany and other European states. According to the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV), Germany’s domestic security agency, Russia has been subversively employing two tactics formerly used by the Soviet KGB: destabilization and misinformation.

Janis Sarts, director of NATO’s Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence, has stated that Russia is deliberately utilizing these tactics to stir up discontent in Germany with the ultimate goal of toppling Chancellor Angela Merkel. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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