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Europe Beats America

Posted by hkarner - 1. November 2017

Date: 31-10-2017
Source: The Wall Street Journal

French and Dutch tax reforms raise the stakes for Washington.

French President Emmanuel Macron.

Good news: Tax reform is still possible. Or at least it is in Europe, which is a
challenge to America as Washington’s battles over credits and loopholes risk leaving the U.S. behind.

France is the happiest surprise. President Emmanuel Macron last week pushed a budget featuring substantial tax relief through the National Assembly. The top rate on corporate profits will fall to 28% by 2020 from 33.33% today, and Mr. Macron has promised 25% by 2022. Paris is rolling out a flat 30% rate on capital income such as realized gains and dividends, compared with rates as high as 45% on some gains today. The budget also eliminates the wealth tax on all assets except real estate.

Critics branded Mr. Macron “the President for the rich” for these overhauls, but the main effect will be to stimulate investment and job creation alongside the major labor-market overhaul Mr. Macron introduced this summer. The tax cuts are also a bid to woo businesses thinking of leaving Britain after Brexit. Even dirigiste Paris has figured out that tax codes can’t be confiscatory in a world of globally mobile capital and labor. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »


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Can France and Germany Come Together?

Posted by hkarner - 31. Oktober 2017

Date: 31-10-2017
Source: Project Syndicate by DOMINIQUE MOISI

Dominique Moisi is Senior Counselor at the Institut Montaigne in Paris. He is the author of La Géopolitique des Séries ou le triomphe de la peur.

The crisis in Catalonia and the resilience of European populists have made a well-functioning Franco-German partnership more important than ever. But if the European project is going to have any chance of surviving, the gap between German prudence and French audacity will have to be bridged.

PARIS – Seven months ago, when Marine Le Pen of the far-right National Front had a chance of winning the French presidency, Germany feared for France’s future. But after Germany’s federal election in September, France has not been particularly afraid for its neighbor. The extreme-right Alternative für Deutschland (AfD), for all its gains, is not about to come to power. Germany, after all, is not Austria.

Nevertheless, French and German elites have found a common cause for concern: Germany may be unable to seize the exceptional opportunity created by French President Emmanuel Macron’s victory. Before, the problem was not that Germany was too strong, but that France was too weak. Now the problem is not that France is too ambitious for Europe, but that Germany is not ambitious enough. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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Can Macron’s „Fire and Fury“ Lead a Renaissance for Europe?

Posted by hkarner - 7. Oktober 2017

Date: 06-10-2017
Source: YaleGlobal

Over the past decade, France as Europe’s third largest economy has not pursued an ambitious agenda as a member of the European Union. Likewise, resistance to political reforms has led to tepid economic growth hovering around 1 percent with only a few countries faring worse. President Emmanuel Macron, rejecting nationalism and embracing the potential of the European Union, may revitalize the French role. “Macron has moved to a dual strategy,” explains François Godement, a senior policy fellow with the European Council on Foreign Relations. “Use European needling to push domestic reforms, leverage these reforms to lobby the entire European Union for deeper integration, and needle Germany in the direction of federal economic governance for Europe.” Moving swiftly, Macron offers numerous policy proposals, pointedly avoiding treaty changes or mutualizing members’ past debts. Critics grumble about a jumble of policies, and Godement concludes that careful diplomacy is required in convincing other EU members, including Germany, that sticking with the status quo, avoiding reforms, will lead to Europe’s failure. – YaleGlobal

Macron, avoiding treaty changes, moves swiftly in proposing reforms to revitalize the European Union and France’s role
François Godement Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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Never Fear!: Merkel Should Follow Macron’s Lead on Europe

Posted by hkarner - 4. Oktober 2017

Date: 03-10-2017

French President Emmanuel Macron is challenging the populists with a bold vision for the future of Europe. Germany should follow his example.

French President Macron and German Chancellor Merkel

After the election victory, it didn’t take long for the congratulations to come in. Just one day afterwards, the most powerful man in the world, Donald Trump, called German Chancellor Angela Merkel with his best wishes for her party’s success.

That was in March, after the Christian Democrats had just won an election in the tiny state of Saarland. A half year later, though, the U.S. president was conspicuously reticent with his compliments, waiting several days after last Sunday’s general election in Germany before finally calling on Thursday. One could see it as a form of brutal honesty: Given Merkel’s weak result, there isn’t much to celebrate. But perhaps it was also a preview of the new reality: Merkel’s loss of power.

Since the election, the chancellor is no longer viewed as the uncontested leader of the German government, a woman who almost secured an absolute majority for her conservatives in 2013. Instead, if she manages to assemble a coalition with the business-friendly Free Democrats (FDP) and the Greens, she’ll be heading up a government experiment born of necessity. And she will be a chancellor whose turn at the top is coming to an end. That will erode Merkel’s authority on the global stage. Leaders like Trump, Putin and Erdogan know only too well when someone in power has passed their zenith. Indeed, that may have been a reason for Merkel’s uncanny imperturbability both on election night and since. Anything to avoid showing signs of weakness. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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Why the Shadow of the 2015 Migration Crisis Still Hangs Over Europe

Posted by hkarner - 3. Oktober 2017

Date: 02-10-2017
Source: The Wall Street Journal

French President Macron’s speech and success of anti-immigration party in German elections show security is priority for EU

France’s Emmanuel Macron proposed a far-reaching agenda to secure the EU’s external borders.

In the eyes of some, Emmanuel Macron flunked it.

When the French president last week delivered a marathon speech outlining his vision of the European Union, many economists hoped this would include a radical plan for deeper eurozone fiscal integration.

Indeed, the expectation was that this would form the core of his speech. Yet Mr. Macron didn’t say anything about pooling eurozone debts and had little to say on the creation of a common eurozone budget. Instead, the most eye-catching parts of his speech concerned security and defense, where he proposed a far-reaching agenda to secure the EU’s external borders, stabilize its neighborhood and establish a European Defence Force to be funded by a new tax on financial transactions.

But Mr. Macon’s choice of priorities shouldn’t have come as a surprise. It isn’t just that the chances of the EU reaching an agreement on fiscal integration look remote given opposition from several Northern European countries, not just Germany. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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The spotlight shifts from Germany to France

Posted by hkarner - 29. September 2017

Date: 28-09-2017
Source: The Economist

A dynamic Emmanuel Macron and a diminished Angela Merkel point to a new order in Europe

WHO leads Europe? At the start of this year, the answer was obvious. Angela Merkel was trundling unstoppably towards a fourth election win, while Britain was out, Italy down and stagnating France gripped by the fear that Marine Le Pen might become the Gallic Donald Trump.

This week, it all looks very different. Mrs Merkel won her election on September 24th, but with such a reduced tally of votes and seats that she is a diminished figure. Germany faces months of tricky three-way coalition talks. Some 6m voters backed a xenophobic right-wing party, many of them in protest at Mrs Merkel’s refugee policies. Having had no seats, Alternative for Germany, a disruptive and polarising force, is now the Bundestag’s third largest party. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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Wie Macron den Steuerwettlauf in der EU entschärfen will

Posted by hkarner - 28. September 2017

Diese Reform hätte Symbolcharakter: Frankreichs Präsident Emanuel Macron will die Unternehmensteuern in der EU vereinheitlichen. Was spricht dafür, was dagegen? Der Überblick.

Ideenarmut kann man Emanuel Macron und seinen Mitarbeitern wirklich nicht vorwerfen. Bei einer Rede an der Sorbonne-Universität hat der französische Präsident ein umfassendes Konzept für EU-Reformen vorgelegt, das von einem gemeinsamen Haushalt der Euroländer bis zu einer europäischen Geheimdienst-Akademie reicht.

Macrons Vorschläge wurden besonders von SPD und Grünen gelobt. Gerade seine Vorschläge zur Finanzpolitik stoßen in Deutschland aber auch auf Kritik.

„Weder ein Euro-Budget noch die Schaffung des Amtes eines europäischen Finanzministers werden die Probleme der Eurozone lösen“, sagte FDP-Präsidiumsmitglied Alexander Graf Lambsdorff. Seine Partei hat ein Nein zu neuen EU-Gemeinschaftsbudgets zur roten Linie in den anstehenden Koalitionsverhandlungen erklärt. Der CSU-Politiker Hans Michelbach warnte ebenso vor einer „Transferunion“ wie der linke Europaabgeordnete Fabio De Masi. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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Frankreich will CO2-Preis vervierfachen

Posted by hkarner - 27. September 2017

Der Vorstoß könnte deutsche Wirtschaft schwer treffen.

Fuschl. In seiner Vision zur Zukunft der EU hat der Präsident Frankreichs, Emmanuel Macron, eine kleine Bombe versteckt, die noch an den Nerven des Partners Deutschland zerren wird. Macron forderte einen Mindestpreis für CO2-Zertifikate von 25 bis 30 Euro. Heute kosten diese „Verschmutzungsrechte“, die Europas Industrie zukaufen muss, sieben Euro für eine Tonne CO2. Das ist zwar ein Plus von 40 Prozent gegenüber dem Vorjahr, aber immer noch „kein Anreiz, CO2zu vermeiden“, sagte Verbund-Chef Wolfgang Anzengruber bei der Tagung Energy 2050. Erst ein Preis von 30 bis 40 Euro würde in der Stromerzeugung zumindest die Substitution von Kohle durch Gas auslösen. Die Energiewende wäre auch dann noch lang nicht geschafft. Denn nach dem Strom- müsse auch der Wärme- und Transportsektor den Abschied von fossilen Brennstoffen akzeptieren. Ohne höhere CO2-Preise werde das nicht gehen. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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Macron Pushes a More Integrated Europe, With Eye on Germany

Posted by hkarner - 27. September 2017

Date: 26-09-2017
Source: The Wall Street Journal

French leader wants to influence Chancellor Angela Merkel’s talks with potential coalition partners, officials say

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron attend a ceremony

French President Emmanuel Macron set out his vision of a more united Europe in a speech aimed at persuading Germany, where Sunday’s election results could reinforce doubts about deeper integration in the eurozone.

Mr. Macron repeated his call for a common budget for euro members, an idea with little appeal for most of Germany’s political class, but sweetened it with offers of cooperation in areas that could appeal more to Berlin, including migration, security and the environment.

The French leader timed his speech at the Sorbonne university in Paris to influence the postelection debate in Germany, where Chancellor Angela Merkel faces tricky talks to form a new governing coalition after a result that strengthened populist and EU-skeptic forces. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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Macron’s Labor Gambit

Posted by hkarner - 8. September 2017

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