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Marine Le Pen’s National Front Faces Reckoning After Loss in French Vote

Posted by hkarner - 14. Juni 2017

Date: 13-06-2017
Source: The Wall Street Journal

Abstentions among far-right leader’s backers in presidential vote harm party in parliamentary poll

Party leader Marine Le Pen

PARIS—After knocking at the gates of power only a month ago, Marine Le Pen saw support for her far-right party crumble in Sunday’s first round of parliamentary elections, dashing its hopes of becoming France’s opposition party and an entrenched menace to the Europe Union.

President Emmanuel Macron’s fledgling party, La République en Marche, trounced mainstream parties across the political spectrum but forced the once-buoyant antiestablishment National Front in particular into a reckoning. Ms. Le Pen on Monday faced a final election result that showed the momentum that carried her in to last month’s second-round presidential vote had perished.

National Front candidates garnered only 13.2% of Sunday’s vote, compared with 13.6% in the last parliamentary election five years ago. Pollster Ipsos Sopra-Steria projected the party would end up with only between one and five seats in the 577-seat National Assembly, compared with between 415 and 455 for Mr. Macron’s party and its centrist ally.

What caused the collapse, pollsters and party officials say, is that the National Front’s primarily young, working-class base decided to sit out the parliamentary races. Around 57% of people who voted for Marine Le Pen in the presidential election stayed home for the parliamentary ballot, Ipsos Sopra-Steria said. The abstention rate among Macron voters was 38%. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »


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„Die Märkte könnten den Euro in 48 Stunden zerstören“

Posted by hkarner - 5. Mai 2017

Date: 05-05-2017
Subject: Möglicher Wahlsieg Le Pens

„Die Märkte könnten den Euro in 48 Stunden zerstören“

Gewinnt Marine Le Pen am Sonntag die Präsidentschaftswahl, droht Europa die wirtschaftliche Kernschmelze: Investoren würden aus Frankreich und Südeuropa fliehen, warnt der Ökonom Henrik Enderlein.

Wie geht es weiter mit Frankreich, Deutschland und Europa? Im November 2014 stellte der damalige französische Wirtschaftsminister Emmanuel Macron gemeinsam mit seinem deutschen Amtskollegen Sigmar Gabriel (SPD) bei Paris ein Strategiepapier vor, das eine Antwort auf diese Frage geben sollte.

Es skizzierte ehrgeizige Wirtschaftsreformen für Frankreich, aber auch für Deutschland. Vieles daraus hat der Präsidentschaftskandidat Macron inzwischen in sein Wahlprogramm übernommen. Bilder von damals zeigen Gabriel und Macron in freundschaftlicher Pose, flankiert von zwei Wirtschaftsexperten, die das Papier geschrieben hatten. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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The French Election and Europe’s Future

Posted by hkarner - 1. Mai 2017


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Far-Right Leaders Loathe the European Parliament, but Love Its Paychecks

Posted by hkarner - 29. April 2017

Date: 28-04-2017
Source: The New York Times

STRASBOURG, France — Marine Le Pen, the far-right leader trying to become president of France, already has a day job as a lawmaker in the European Parliament, a position she regards with open contempt. She misses votes, mocks the process and cheers for the demise of the European Union.

Even so, Ms. Le Pen is willing to accept a salary of 101,808 euros (about $110,000), a generous per diem and an annual staff and office budget in excess of €340,000. In February, the Parliament halved her compensation after fraud investigators concluded that she had wrongly diverted money to pay for National Front party activities in France.

The scandal, which has not fazed Ms. Le Pen’s supporters in France, is another example of how Europe’s right-wing parties happily provoke populist fury by attacking the European Union — yet also happily pocket government salaries and other benefits. For some far-right politicians, a perch in the European Parliament can mean a lucrative sinecure, easy news media exposure and immunity from criminal prosecution at home. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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Who Is Marine Le Pen?

Posted by hkarner - 26. April 2017

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Emmanuel Clinton vs Marine LeTrump

Posted by hkarner - 25. April 2017

Dank an H.F.

2017 04 24 Asia Times, By Pepe Escobar April 24, 2017 9:54 PM (UTC+8)

What’s supposed to be the shock of the new is not exactly so.

Here’s the body count in the latest geopolitical earthquake afflicting the West: The Socialist Party in France is dead. The traditional Right is comatose. What used to be the Extreme Left is alive, and still kicking.
Yet what’s supposed to be the shock of the new is not exactly a shock. The more things veer towards change (we can believe in), the more they stay the same. Enter the new normal: the recycled “system” – as in Emmanuel Macron — versus “the people” — as in the National Front’s Marine Le Pen, battling for the French presidency on May 7.

Although that was the expected outcome, it’s still significant. Le Pen, re-christened “Marine”, reached the second round of voting despite a mediocre campaign.
She essentially reassembled — but did not expand — her voting base. I have argued on Asia Times that Macron is nothing but an artificial product, a meticulously packaged hologram designed to sell an illusion. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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Planning for President Le Pen

Posted by hkarner - 20. April 2017

The thought of President Le Pen is so terrifying, it seems, posing such a threat to the future of Europe, that it remains for many a possibility they dare not entertain, much less plan for. But that threat is precisely why Europe must address seriously the possibility of her winning, however unlikely it may seem.

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France’s presidential race is a clash of worldviews

Posted by hkarner - 3. April 2017

Date: 01-04-2017
Source: The Economist

Marine Le Pen’s nationalism meets the unrepentant globalism of Emmanuel

Two against the EU

WHAT did Marine Le Pen, the head of France’s National Front, expect to gain by visiting Moscow on March 24th? Her core supporters relished seeing her with Vladimir Putin, a strong woman standing next to a strongman. Ms Le Pen came away claiming that the world now belongs to nationalist populists such as Mr Putin, Donald Trump, India’s Narendra Modi and, implicitly, herself. Interestingly, the visit did not seem aimed at the usual goal of candidates who go abroad: reassuring voters that they can safely be trusted with foreign policy.

In French campaigns, gravitas-enhancing trips beyond the Hexagone (as mainland France is known) are especially popular with candidates who have little experience of governing. This year Ms Le Pen has been to America (where she was seen sipping coffee in Trump Tower in New York), Germany, Lebanon and Chad. Emmanuel Macron, the young centrist who is tied with her for first place in the polls, has been to Algeria, Britain, Germany, Jordan and Lebanon, in part to reach out to expat voters and donors. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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France’s Extraordinary Election

Posted by hkarner - 29. März 2017


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Another Strange French Disaster

Posted by hkarner - 18. März 2017

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