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Jeremy Corbyn’s political agenda is more radical than his economic one

Posted by hkarner - 30. November 2019

Date: 28‑11‑2019

Source: The Economist

Labour plans to redistribute power as well as income. That is more dangerous than it sounds

This is an age of political surprises. Donald Trump won the presidential election of 2016 after being treated as a no‑hoper. The Brexiteers won their referendum despite being dismissed as cranks. Jeremy Corbyn is now widely seen as a lost cause, particularly after a week in which the chief rabbi accused him of anti‑Semitism and a large poll suggested the Tories could win a majority of 68. But history could easily have another surprise up its sleeve.

What happens if Mr Corbyn defies expectations and enters Downing Street next month? Most people have focused on the economic consequences. Labour boasts that it will “rewrite the rules of the economy” and jack up public spending. But just as significant will be the political consequences. The party plans nothing less than what Tony Benn, Mr Corbyn’s mentor, called an “irreversible shift in the balance of power in favour of the working people”. The political revolution is in many ways more central to the Corbyn project than the economic one. Economics is only the means to remaking Britain’s political soul. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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A Labour government would radically transform Britain

Posted by hkarner - 1. November 2019

Date: 31-10-2019
Source: The Economist

How Jeremy Corbyn’s party is trying to woo British voters

SHORTLY BEFORE the financial crisis of 2008, a little-known Labour MP published a 64-page pamphlet. In “Another World is Possible: A Manifesto for 21st Century Socialism”, John McDonnell laid out an economic vision which clashed with the slick, pro-business mantra of Tony Blair’s New Labour. It praised participatory democracy in Venezuela and hailed co-ops in the Basque country, while calling for the sweeping nationalisation of industry.

The booklet was an attempt by Mr McDonnell, then on the backbenches, to scupper the coronation of Gordon Brown as leader of the Labour Party and prime minister in 2007. Mr McDonnell attracted the support of just 29 MPs. A little over a decade later, Mr Brown is long gone from politics. New Labour is history. Mr McDonnell is shadow chancellor and Jeremy Corbyn, his friend and socialist ally, is leader. Labour will campaign in Britain’s general election, to be held on December 12th, on the most left-wing platform in a generation. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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Brexit: Ökonomin zu Großbritannien: „Wir haben unsere Industrie zerstört“

Posted by hkarner - 4. August 2019

Ann Pettifor, Beraterin von Labour-Chef Jeremy Corbyn, warnt vor Folgen eines harten Brexits. Ihre umstrittene Lösung: ein Green New Deal

Leopold Stefan

Das typisch britische Understatement ist meist schwerlich ins Deutsche zu übersetzen: „Pretty catastrophic“, schätzt Ann Pettifor die wirtschaftlichen Folgen eines harten Brexits ein. Die Volkswirtin sitzt im Beraterteam des Oppositionsführers und Labour-Chefs Jeremy Corbyn. Im STANDARD-Gespräch erzählt sie, was sie den Politikern auf beiden Seiten des Kanals raten würde, um die Wirtschaft in diesen turbulenten Zeiten nachhaltig auf die Beine zu stellen.

Jüngste Meldungen scheinen die Warnungen der britisch-südafrikanischen Volkswirtin zu bestätigen, die bereits mit ihrer Vorhersage der Finanzkrise 2008 Aufmerksamkeit erregt hatte: Das Pfund rasselte am Donnerstag auf ein Mehrjahrestief hinab, nachdem die US-Notenbank ihren Leitzins gesenkt hatte. Ausländische Investoren halten sich angesichts des Brexit-Trubels zurück.

Im Vorfeld des Brexit-Referendums haben EU-Befürworter den Teufel an die Wand gemalt und so ihr Vertrauen verspielt, sagt Ann Pettifor. Jetzt hört keiner mehr auf Warnrufe.
Foto: Reuters

Eine Zwickmühle: Die Briten haben ein „massives Handelsdefizit“, betont die Ökonomin. Die Wirtschaft sei abhängig von Investitionen aus dem Ausland. Eine abgewertete Währung könnte die Exporteure beflügeln. „Aber wir haben den Großteil unserer Industrie zerstört“, bedauert Pettifor, „Es ist schwer wiederzulernen, wie man Güter produziert.“

Ein harter Brexit würde die Unternehmen sofort treffen. Britische Firmen seien eng mit Zulieferern auf dem Kontinent verbunden. Die Lagerkapazitäten seien bald komplett ausgelastet. Würden jetzt Handelsbarrieren zur EU hochgezogen, stünden die britischen Unternehmer mit heruntergelassenen Hosen da. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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Jeremy Corbyn is increasingly isolated in his own party

Posted by hkarner - 1. Juni 2019

Date: 30-05-2019
Source: The Economist: Bagehot

The leader of the Labour Party is in his weakest position yet

H.l. mencken is said to have defined a politician as “an animal that can sit on the fence and yet keep both ears on the ground”. By that definition Jeremy Corbyn is failing in his vocation. The European elections bulldozed Mr Corbyn’s fence by giving the Labour Party just 14% of the vote in the country as a whole and 9% in its former stronghold of Scotland. They unleashed a furious debate that was ostensibly about the party’s stance on Europe in particular but also about Mr Corbyn’s leadership in general.

Senior figures such as Tom Watson, the deputy leader, and Emily Thornberry, the shadow foreign secretary, were quick to blame Labour’s dismal performance on its refusal to offer wholehearted support for holding a second referendum and staying in the European Union. Others, particularly from the party’s working-class wing, were equally quick to push back. Gloria De Piero, mp for Ashfield, urged her colleagues not to let a single issue—Brexit—“wreck” the party. Len McCluskey, head of the Unite trade union, accused supporters of a second referendum of trying to launch a coup against the leader. Mr Corbyn did his best to rebuild his fence and climb back on it. He promised that “we are ready to support a public vote on any deal”. But he stopped short of offering Remainers what they want: unconditional backing for a second referendum whether or not there is an eu deal on the table, and a firm commitment to turning Labour into a Remain party. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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The brains behind Corbynomics

Posted by hkarner - 12. Mai 2019

Date: 09-05-2019
Source: The Economist

A glut of new think-tanks show the left is at last coming up with new ideas—with help from an unlikely source

The exposed brick walls, the east London venue and the bathtub full of free beer brewed specially for the evening did not point to a think-tank launch. Yet this was how Common Wealth, a new outfit aimed at radically overhauling the ownership of British business, announced itself on April 25th. “All of the energy is on the left in politics at the moment,” cheered Ed Miliband, a former Labour Party leader who sits on its board, to a merry audience.

Common Wealth is only the latest think-tank to have sprung up to cater to the thirst for new ideas on the left. Autonomy, which examines the future of work, started life in mid-2017 and has churned out reports calling for a four-day week that have been hailed by John McDonnell, the shadow chancellor. Other research organisations examining foreign policy and the workings of government from a left-wing perspective are in the works. Democracy Collaborative, a progressive American think-tank, has muscled into the British market. Meanwhile, established outfits such as ippr, which provided the ideological backbone of Blairism, have swerved leftward and called for a comprehensive reshaping of the British economy. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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Britain’s super-rich are Corbyn-proofing their finances

Posted by hkarner - 2. Mai 2019

Date: 01-05-2019
Source: The Economist

Efforts to protect wealth should Labour take power are being stepped up

JEREMY CORBYN may have it in for tax havens, but they are not all cursing the Labour leader right now. Well-heeled types worried about the prospect of a Corbyn-led government have been buying property on Guernsey with a view to relocating to the island, attracted by its flat 20% income-tax rate and lack of capital-gains or inheritance taxes. Demand for homes there has been buoyant this year, and Jo Stoddart of Locate Guernsey, an investment-promotion agency, says queasiness over Mr Corbyn is one of the main reasons (along with Brexit and personal security). Matt Brouard, a Guernsey estate agent, says some British expats are moving to the island rather than returning to the mainland after stints working overseas, partly because of Corbyn-induced uncertainty.

The opposition leader makes no secret of his disdain for the rich. The real divide in Britain, he said recently, is not over Brexit but “between the many, who do the work, create the wealth and pay their taxes, and the few, who set the rules, reap the rewards and dodge their taxes.” The super-rich, he has warned, are “on borrowed time”.

Small wonder, then, that plutocrats are seeking advisers’ counsel—and increasingly taking action—to keep their incomes, mansions and pensions out of Labour’s clutches. “How to Corbyn-proof your Wealth”, an event held in London in February by a club for elite investors, sold out quickly. A recent, eight-page special section on the topic in the Mail on Sunday screamed that Corbynomics threatens to wreak economic havoc that could “rival that heaped upon the poor people of Venezuela”. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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Brexit: Labour braced forshowdown over second referendum

Posted by hkarner - 1. Mai 2019

MPs call on party to support European election manifesto that campaigns for second vote on any Brexit deal

Party sources suggested Labour was likely to agree a compromise option where it would support a referendum in order to prevent Theresa May’s Brexit deal or leaving without a deal, describing that wording as “the path of least resistance”.

However, a public drive for a stronger line has been led by the party’s deputy leader, Tom Watson, who has urged remain-supporting members to write to the national executive committee’s members, including Jeremy Corbyn.

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U.K.’s Political Rifts Deepen as Lawmakers Quit Party Over Anti-Semitism, Brexit

Posted by hkarner - 19. Februar 2019

Date: 18-02-2019
Source: The Wall Street Journal

The schism within the Labour Party echoes divisions also plaguing the ruling Conservative Party

The seven British lawmakers who split from the Labour Party said they would sit in Parliament as a group of independents.

LONDON—A group of British lawmakers quit Britain’s main opposition Labour Party on Monday, a step illustrating how Brexit has exposed rifts in the British political system.

The seven center-left members of Parliament cited a variety of complaints about the party’s left-wing leadership ranging from its toleration of anti-Semitism to what they see as its tacit support of Britain’s break with the European Union.

The defections provide a glimpse of a possible realignment of the British political party system. Other Labour Party lawmakers have said they are considering joining the breakaway group, while the ruling Conservative Party is itself deeply split over Brexit and a minority of lawmakers have also expressed serious dissatisfaction with the way Prime Minister Theresa May is handling Brexit. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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Jeremy Corbyn is having a bad Brexit

Posted by hkarner - 3. Februar 2019

Date: 31-01-2019
Source: The Economist: Bagehot

The issue is driving a wedge between Labour’s leader and his activists

Theresa may’s slow progress through the great mangle of Brexit has been so gruesome that it has distracted attention from another political flattening: that of Jeremy Corbyn. The leader of the opposition put in another fumbling performance in the House of Commons this week in proposing that the government should be forced to put off Britain’s departure from the European Union if it doesn’t reach a deal. But lacklustre rhetoric and a feeble grasp of detail mark only the beginning of his problems.

The Labour Party is even more divided over Brexit than the Conservatives. Most Labour members disagree with their party’s official support for leaving, whereas most Tory party members support their party’s position. Mr Corbyn is much farther away from his party’s centre of gravity than Theresa May is from hers. He is a long-standing Eurosceptic who believes that the eu is a capitalist club that stands in the way of building his socialist Jerusalem. He voted against Britain’s membership in 1975, opposed the single market in the 1980s and only pretended to campaign for Remain in the referendum of 2016. He is surrounded by an inner circle of Eurosceptic advisers who do their best to steer a Europhile party in a Eurosceptic direction.

Mr Corbyn has tried to manage these contradictions by resorting to grand banalities. He has claimed that Labour supports a “jobs-first Brexit” that will magically provide all the benefits of Brexit with none of the costs. He has headed off calls for a second referendum by saying that he wants a general election instead. That strategy is wearing thin. With Brexit less than two months away, Mr Corbyn is being forced to make real and urgent decisions. This week he lent his support to Yvette Cooper’s amendment requiring the government to delay Brexit if Parliament hasn’t agreed on a deal by a certain date (the measure failed, in part because Mr Corbyn’s backing was so late and his advocacy so feeble). Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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Britain’s opposition is divided as deeply as the Tories are.

Posted by hkarner - 19. Dezember 2018

Date: 18-12-2018
Source: The Wall Street Journal By The Editorial Board
Subject: Labour’s Brexit Pains

British Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn delivers a speech at the annual Confederation of British Industry (CBI) Conference in London, Britain, 19 November 2018, (reissued 17 December 2018). Media reports on 17 December 2018 state that Jeremy Corbyn said he would table a motion of no confidence in the British Prime Minister Thersa May for delaying the Meaningful Vote. Theresa May has told Parliament the British Memebers of Parliament will vote on Britain’s Brexit deal in the week beginning 14 January 2019 after it was withdrawn of 11 December 2018. Labour to table a motion of no confidence in the British Prime Minister Thersa May, London, United Kingdom – 19 Nov 2018

Britain’s ruling Conservative Party suffered a nervous breakdown over Brexit last week, and now it’s the opposition Labour Party’s turn. Leader Jeremy Corbyn, backbench members of Parliament and the party’s grassroots are at odds over strategy and tactics in ways that complicate Britain’s path to a Brexit solution. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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