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Secular Stagnation?

Posted by hkarner - 23. Juni 2017

June 21, 2017

The effects on growth were predictable, says Charles, having been explained by Joseph Schumpeter in his 1942 book Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy.

More recently, in the US, when government spending as a percentage of GDP shot up from 33% to 39% during the Great Recession, our growth rate fell from 2.5% to less than one percent. And that, says Charles, is the story on US stagnation – not the more fashionable narrative of “secular stagnation.” Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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Reinventing the French People

Posted by hkarner - 23. Juni 2017

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Globalism’s Great French Hope

Posted by hkarner - 22. Juni 2017

Date: 21-06-2017
Source: The Wall Street Journal by Greg Ip

French president Emmanuel Macron has exposed a hole in the nationalist agenda,

For global elites left dispirited by Britain’s vote to leave the European Union and Donald Trump’s presidency?, France has provided a shot of adrenaline. Emmanuel Macron won the presidency last month on a proudly pro-European platform, and Sunday, French voters gave him a solid legislative majority.

It is premature to say the nationalist wave has crested. But after establishment victories in the Netherlands and Austria and a setback to Brexit champion Theresa May, it appears globalism—whether the European Union specifically or open borders more generally—is not as politically poisonous as feared.

Still, the message of the last few months is not that voters are in love with globalism again: Turnout in the French elections was historically low. Rather, it’s that nationalists have been far better at spurring anger at the status quo than offering a coherent replacement, as Britain’s Brexit confusion and Mr. Trump’s stalled agenda demonstrate. The public unhappiness that fueled their rise remains, although it increasingly is being felt on the left, not just the right. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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Macron Deals a Crippling Blow to France’s Establishment

Posted by hkarner - 19. Juni 2017

Date: 19-06-2017
Source: The Wall Street Journal

Scale of traditional parties’ defeat is a measure of collective failure to reinvigorate the country

PARIS—The resounding victory of President Emmanuel Macron’s fledgling political force in parliamentary elections crushed the traditional parties that have governed France since the end of World War II.

The French president’s party La République en Marche, founded barely a year ago, bulldozed into the National Assembly with its centrist ally, taking 350 of the 577 seats.

In its wake was the rubble of France’s former left-right divide—the Socialist Party and the center-right Les Républicains—that had taken turns governing the country for decades. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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Now Britain, Not France, Risks Being ‘Sick Man’ of Europe

Posted by hkarner - 16. Juni 2017

Date: 15-06-2017
Source: The Wall Street Journal By Simon Nixon

Despite the triumphalism of Brexit advocates, the U.K.’s cross-Channel rival is better placed for growth

It is often underappreciated just how quickly a country’s fortunes can change. In 2004, Germany was considered the sick man of Europe. Five years later, after some judicious reforms to its labor market, it was Europe’s economic powerhouse. Four years ago, Spain was widely dismissed as an economic basket case, one step away from national bankruptcy and euro exit. Yet since mid-2013, it has been growing at around 3% a year and created two million jobs.

That points to a second aspect to economic turnarounds: They are rarely obvious at the time, even to the economists, policy makers and pundits paid to spot these things. Famously, 364 distinguished economists—among them Mervyn King, who later became governor of the Bank of England—wrote to the Times in 1981 to warn that Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s policies were doomed to fail. Yet history shows that Britain’s recovery began at almost exactly that moment, and five years later its economy was booming. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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Emmanuel Macron and the Post-Revolutionary Idea

Posted by hkarner - 15. Juni 2017

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Marine Le Pen’s National Front Faces Reckoning After Loss in French Vote

Posted by hkarner - 14. Juni 2017

Date: 13-06-2017
Source: The Wall Street Journal

Abstentions among far-right leader’s backers in presidential vote harm party in parliamentary poll

Party leader Marine Le Pen

PARIS—After knocking at the gates of power only a month ago, Marine Le Pen saw support for her far-right party crumble in Sunday’s first round of parliamentary elections, dashing its hopes of becoming France’s opposition party and an entrenched menace to the Europe Union.

President Emmanuel Macron’s fledgling party, La République en Marche, trounced mainstream parties across the political spectrum but forced the once-buoyant antiestablishment National Front in particular into a reckoning. Ms. Le Pen on Monday faced a final election result that showed the momentum that carried her in to last month’s second-round presidential vote had perished.

National Front candidates garnered only 13.2% of Sunday’s vote, compared with 13.6% in the last parliamentary election five years ago. Pollster Ipsos Sopra-Steria projected the party would end up with only between one and five seats in the 577-seat National Assembly, compared with between 415 and 455 for Mr. Macron’s party and its centrist ally.

What caused the collapse, pollsters and party officials say, is that the National Front’s primarily young, working-class base decided to sit out the parliamentary races. Around 57% of people who voted for Marine Le Pen in the presidential election stayed home for the parliamentary ballot, Ipsos Sopra-Steria said. The abstention rate among Macron voters was 38%. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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Frankreich könnte erneut Maastricht-Ziel verfehlen

Posted by hkarner - 9. Juni 2017

Die französische Zentralbank teilte mit, dass Frankreich erneut die EU-Defizitgrenze von drei Prozent verfehlen dürfte. Das Defizit dürfte heuer bei 3,1 Prozent der Wirtschaftsleistung liegen.

Kann Frankreichs Präsident Macron sein Versprechen von einem geringeren Defizit halten? – (

Paris. Frankreich dürfte einer Prognose seiner Notenbank zufolge 2017 die EU-Defizitgrenze von drei Prozent erneut verfehlen. Wie die Zentralbank am Freitag mitteilte, rechnet sie für dieses Jahr mit einem Minus von 3,1 Prozent der Wirtschaftsleistung. Der neue Präsident Emmanuel Macron hält dagegen offiziell an dem Versprechen seines Vorgängers Francois Hollande fest, die Lücke auf 2,8 Prozent zu begrenzen. Allerdings hatte Haushaltsminister Gerald Darmanin der Zeitung „Le Monde“ zufolge dieses Ziel am Donnerstag als „zu optimistisch“ bezeichnet. Das französische Defizit liegt seit Jahren über der in den EU-Verträgen erlaubten Obergrenze von drei Prozent des Bruttoinlandsproduktes (BIP). Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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Hohe Arbeitslosigkeit: Macron will Frankreich auf den Kopf stellen

Posted by hkarner - 6. Juni 2017

Stefan Brändle aus Paris,6. Juni 2017, 17:32 derstandard.at

Die französische Regierung hat ein neues, höchst umstrittenes Arbeitsrecht präsentiert

Paris – Millionen Franzosen gingen vor einem Jahr auf die Straße, tagelange Streiks lähmten die Wirtschaft. Der damalige Präsident François Hollande drückte die Reform zwar mit einem Verfassungskniff durch, ging aber so geschwächt aus dem Sozialkonflikt hervor, dass er nicht mehr zur Wiederwahl antreten konnte. All das war nur Vorgeplänkel. Hollandes Nachfolger Emmanuel Macron geht bedeutend weiter. Der parteilose Staatschef und frühere Wirtschaftsminister will die Gunst der Stunde – seine klare Wahl gegen die Populistin Marine Le Pen im Mai – ausnutzen und so schnell wie möglich vorgehen.

Firmen sollen Autonomie erhalten

Durch seinen neuen Premierminister, den gemäßigten Konservativen Édouard Philippe, hat der 39-jährige Präsident am Dienstag bereits seine zentrale Reform des Arbeitsrechtes vorgestellt. Im Hauptpunkt sollen die Firmen in wichtigen Fragen eine weitgehende Autonomie erhalten. Die Sozialpartner sollen auf Betriebsebene insbesondere bei den Löhnen, der Arbeitszeit, Sicherheit und Gesundheit Abkommen schließen können; notfalls würden sie durch betriebsinterne „Referenden“ abgesegnet. In zentralen Bereichen träten diese Vereinbarungen an die Stelle des Arbeitsrechts. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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