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Opinion leaders identify seven pillars for ‘better’ EU action

Posted by sschleicher - 20. März 2017

by Georgi Gotev | EURACTIV.com

Europe faces some significant challenges, but dismantling the EU is not the answer.

The 24-page document entitled The European way for a better future was presented as a contribution to the reflection on the future of the EU, and as an attempt to re-invent the link between citizens and their political leaders.

The group, in which former presidents and prime ministers are included, together with MEPs and intellectuals, was formed on 9 May 2016. At that time, as founder Guillaume Klossa said, it was becoming clear that the solutions to the problems of the Union could not come from top down.

Klossa also set up EuropaNova and is a former sherpa to the reflection group on the future of Europe, chaired by former Spanish PM Felipe González, which produced in 2010 a report which was largely ignored by decision makers.


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