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Britain En Marche ?

Posted by hkarner - 25. Juli 2017

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British politics has become dangerously bad-tempered

Posted by hkarner - 24. Juli 2017

Date: 23-07-2017
Source: The Economist: Bagehot

And if you don’t agree you can get stuffed

THE end of the current parliamentary session, on July 20th, is a good time to reflect on the mood of British politics. Several things catch the attention: anxiety about the future, exasperation at the childish antics of senior politicians, confusion about Brexit. But the most striking thing is anger. Politicians are angry with each other. The public is angry with politicians. The internet throbs with vitriol. American historians have dubbed the period after the war of 1812 “the era of good feelings”. The current period in British politics could be dubbed the era of bad feelings.

This week the cabinet infighting became so vicious that Theresa May, the prime minister, was forced to tell her ministers to shut up or ship out. Even more disturbing is a surge in violent threats. A year after the murder of Jo Cox, a Labour MP, by a far-right extremist, politicians of all stripes say that they fear for their safety, such is the intensity of the insults they face. The threats extend to journalists. The BBC was reportedly obliged to provide its political editor, Laura Kuenssberg, with personal security. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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As long as the government stays in denial about Brexit’s drawbacks, the country is on course for disaster

Posted by hkarner - 22. Juli 2017

Date: 20-07-2017
Source: The Economist
Subject: Britain faces up to Brexit

CRISIS? What crisis? So many have been triggered in Britain by the vote a year ago to leave the European Union that it is hard to keep track. Just last month Theresa May was reduced from unassailable iron lady to just-about-managing minority prime minister. Her cabinet is engaged in open warfare as rivals position themselves to replace her. The Labour Party, which has been taken over by a hard-left admirer of Hugo Chávez, is ahead in the polls. Meanwhile a neurotic pro-Brexit press shrieks that anyone who voices doubts about the country’s direction is an unpatriotic traitor. Britain is having a very public nervous breakdown.

The chaos at the heart of government hardly bodes well for the exit negotiations with the EU, which turned to detailed matters this week and need to conclude in autumn 2018. But the day-to-day disorder masks a bigger problem. Despite the frantic political activity in Westminster—the briefing, back-stabbing and plotting—the country has made remarkably little progress since the referendum in deciding what form Brexit should take. All versions, however “hard” or “soft”, have drawbacks. Yet Britain’s leaders have scarcely acknowledged that exit will involve compromises, let alone how damaging they are likely to be. The longer they fail to face up to Brexit’s painful trade-offs, the more brutal will be the eventual reckoning with reality. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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Britain’s European Ties That Bind

Posted by hkarner - 21. Juli 2017

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Don’t Expect the EU to Ride to the U.K.’s Rescue

Posted by hkarner - 20. Juli 2017

Date: 20-07-2017
Source: The Wall Street Journal By Simon Nixon

The bloc is neither equipped nor disposed to toss Britain the post-Brexit lifeline the country hopes for

The rest of Europe can be forgiven a little schadenfreude as it looks across the English Channel. So far, the decision to quit the European Union appears to have bought little but political instability and economic uncertainty to Britain—while the eurozone economy appears to go from strength to strength. But is the EU being too complacent about the risks it could face from a botched Brexit?

The EU already faces increasingly conflictual relations with two of its biggest neighbors, Russia and Turkey. Some in the U.K. government fear the EU is underestimating the risk that Brexit creates an increasingly conflictual relationship with a third. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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Nobody is really in charge of Britain

Posted by hkarner - 13. Juli 2017

Date: 13-07-2017
Source: The Economist: Bagehot

The prime minister’s power has drained away, leaving the country adrift

THE basic question of politics is always the same: who’s in charge here? Theresa May has already muddied the answer to this question once. By calling an election two years before she needed to, she turned a majority government into a minority and shattered her authority. Now she is muddying it again. By using the anniversary of her appointment as prime minister to relaunch her premiership, she is reminding everyone how little power she has.

Mrs May introduced Matthew Taylor’s report on the future of work with some reflections about her first year in office. The issue at the heart of her agenda is the same as it always was, she said: recognising that the EU referendum result was not only a vote to leave the European Union but also a call to change the country. But last month’s close election means that tactics must change: if Britain is to get anything done, politicians will have to work across party lines. She challenged Labour’s leader, Jeremy Corbyn, to “contribute” rather than merely criticising. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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EU to Press U.K. Over Brexit Divorce Bill

Posted by hkarner - 13. Juli 2017

Date: 12-07-2017
Source: The Wall Street Journal

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson decries expectations as ‘extortionate’

U.K. Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said the EU’s divorce bill expectations are ‘extortionate’ during a parliamentary debate on Tuesday.

BRUSSELS—European officials are set to press Britain to clarify its position in coming days on European Union demands that it settle a bill to leave the bloc, as U.K. Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson dismissed what he called the EU’s “extortionate” expectations.

EU officials have said the U.K. has legal commitments upward of €60 billion ($68 billion) of spending pledges. They have made the divorce bill one of several priorities that must be addressed upfront—along with citizens’ rights after Brexit and the situation in Ireland—before they are willing to begin discussions on a future EU-U.K. trade deal.

The clash over the financial settlement comes ahead of the start Monday of the second round of negotiations over the U.K.’s departure from the bloc. In recent days, European officials have voiced concerns that the U.K. is seeking to sidestep discussions on the divorce bill. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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Britische Wirtschaft rudert gegen den „Hard-Brexit“

Posted by hkarner - 6. Juli 2017

Während die Regierung erstmals Verständnis signalisiert, wird hinter den Kulissen massiv um Positionen gerungen. Unternehmensvertreter fordern nicht weniger als die Beibehaltung der Arbeitnehmermobilität.

London. Keine Interessenvertretung hat aus dem Ergebnis der Unterhauswahl in Großbritannien so viel Ermutigung abgeleitet wie die Wirtschaft des Landes. Nachdem Premierministerin Theresa May die Anliegen der Unternehmer seit ihrem Amtsantritt vor einem Jahr konsequent ignoriert hatte, „hört man jetzt wieder auf ökonomische Argumente“, sagt ein hoher Beamter in London. Ein Gipfel zwischen Regierung und Wirtschaft heute, Freitag, auf dem Landsitz Chevening House soll auch symbolisch diese Neuausrichtung der Politik demonstrieren.

Während May auf dem G20-Gipfel in Hamburg weilt, wird Brexit-Minister David Davis gemeinsam mit Wirtschaftsminister Greg Clark die Gespräche leiten. Zusammen mit Schatzkanzler Philip Hammond ist hier seit den Wahlen ein informelles Triumvirat in der Regierung entstanden, das den absolutistischen Positionen der Premierministerin („Brexit means Brexit“) entgegenwirken will. In einer Rede sicherte Hammond der Wirtschaft diese Woche zu: „Wir hören auf Ihre Sorgen und nehmen sie ernst.“  Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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Have your fishcake and eat it

Posted by hkarner - 6. Juli 2017

Date: 05-07-2017
Source: The Economist

A spat about seafood shows the compromises that Brexit will force

Legally complex, hard to enforce and probably bad for Britain: fishing is a case study of the negotiations

BRITAIN’S fishing industry is a tiddler, contributing less than 0.1% of GDP. But the island nation has great affection for its fleet. During last year’s Brexit referendum campaign, a flotilla of trawlermen steamed up the Thames to protest against European Union fishing quotas. On July 2nd Michael Gove, the Brexiteer environment secretary (who claims that his father’s Aberdeen fish business was sunk by EU rules), announced that Britain would “take back control” of its waters by unilaterally withdrawing from an international fishing treaty.

Gutting such agreements is strongly supported by coastal communities. The pro-Brexit press cheered Mr Gove’s bold announcement. But landing a new deal for British fishermen will be legally complex, expensive to enforce, oblige Britain to observe European rules that it has had no hand in setting and, most likely, leave its businesses and consumers worse off than before. It is, in other words, a case study of the Brexit negotiations as a whole. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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Brexit to Nowhere?

Posted by hkarner - 5. Juli 2017

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