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The computers being trained to beat you in an argument

Posted by hkarner - 3. Oktober 2017

Date: 02-10-2017
Source: BBC

By Prof Chris Reed
University of Dundee

Humans are used to being outdone by computers when it comes to recalling facts, but they still have the upper hand in an argument. For now.

It has long been the case that machines can beat us in games of strategy like chess.

And we have come to accept that artificial intelligence is best at analysing huge amounts of data – sifting through the supermarket receipts of millions of shoppers to work out who might be tempted by some vouchers for washing powder.

But what if AI were able to handle the most human of tasks – navigating the minefield of subtle nuance, rhetoric and even emotions to take us on in an argument?

It is a possibility that could help humans make better decisions and one which growing numbers of researchers are working on. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »


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Time, not material goods, ‚raises happiness‘

Posted by hkarner - 27. Juli 2017

Date: 26-07-2017
Source: BBC

Using money to free-up time is linked to increased happiness, a study says.

In an experiment, individuals reported greater happiness if they used £30 ($40) to save time – such as by paying for chores to be done – rather than spending the money on material goods.

Psychologists say stress over lack of time causes lower well-being and contributes to anxiety and insomnia.

Yet, they say even the very wealthy are often reluctant to pay people to do the jobs they dislike.

„In a series of surveys we find that people who spend money to buy themselves more free time are happier – that is they have higher life satisfaction,“ said Dr Elizabeth Dunn, a psychologist professor at the University of British Columbia, Canada.

Life satisfaction Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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Hans Rosling, population prophet: Five final thoughts

Posted by hkarner - 16. März 2017

By Ruth Alexander and Ben Carter

  • 16 March 2017
  • From the section World

Co-founder of Gapminder.org, which continues his work, he was enthusiastically trying to change old-fashioned notions of the world even as his illness took hold.

In his final BBC interview – for the BBC World Service series Economic Tectonics – the statistician highlighted five key ways that demographics are shaping the world around us.

Why bedrooms are driving economies

Why do I as a professor from public health speaking about health and demography get invited to Goldman Sachs [and] all these big banks around the world?

Because I tell them I can see on my screen when economic growth comes, before you can see it.

In the past, economic growth was driving demographics, and now it’s the other way around.

First, I see decent life coming and I see children born-per-woman drop.

I see the two-child family, and I see the economic growth starting in Vietnam, in Thailand… not only in China. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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Scott Pruitt: Controversial Trump environment nominee sworn in

Posted by hkarner - 18. Februar 2017


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Merkel rejects Trump adviser euro claim

Posted by hkarner - 2. Februar 2017

Date: 01-02-2017
Source: BBC

Merkel cc2Mrs Merkel said Germany „will not influence the behaviour of the ECB“

The German Chancellor has rejected comments made by a Trump adviser that Germany uses an undervalued euro to exploit trading partners.

Peter Navarro, the head of Mr Trump’s National Trade Council, told the Financial Times that the euro is a German currency in disguise.

But Mrs Merkel said Germany „has always called for the European Central Bank to pursue an independent policy“.

She added that Germany „will not influence the behaviour of the ECB“.


Mr Navarro also told the Financial Times that talks over the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the EU and the US were dead.

„A big obstacle to viewing TTIP as a bilateral deal is Germany, which continues to exploit other countries in the EU as well as the US with an ‚implicit Deutsche Mark‘ that is grossly undervalued,“ he told the Financial Times. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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Humans need new skills for post-AI world, say MPs

Posted by hkarner - 13. Oktober 2016

Date: 12-10-2016
Source: BBC

Robots could take people’s jobs and more, some experts warn

Robotics and AI have „huge potential“ to reshape the way people work and live, but the government needs to do more to address the issues raised by such technology, says a report.

MPs on the Science and Technology Committee have called for careful scrutiny of the probable ethical, legal and societal impact.

They want the government to establish a commission to look at the issues.

That will include new skills for humans as artificial intelligence takes jobs.

Science fact

Others, such as Tesla boss Elon Musk, have gone further – declaring AI to be the biggest threat to the survival of the human race. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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But there’s no one left who actually likes the UK

Posted by hkarner - 15. September 2016

Date: 15-09-2016
Source: BBC
Subject: Nigel Farage: EU Parliament ‚declaring war‘ on Brexit talks

Farage ccMr Farage is remaining as an MEP despite standing down as UKIP leader

Nigel Farage has accused the European Parliament of „a declaration of war“ on the UK’s Brexit talks after naming Guy Verhofstadt as its chief negotiator.

The outgoing UKIP leader told MEPs the ex-Belgian prime minister was the „high priest“ of federalism and should be replaced by someone „who likes the UK“.

Mr Verhofstadt is one of three officials chosen by EU institutions.

He told MEPs earlier he didn’t want to „punish“ the UK but to build „sound relations“ after the UK’s departure.

Although the Belgian politician, who leads the Alliance of Liberal and Democrats grouping in the European Parliament, will not actually lead the EU’s talks with the UK, the European Parliament has said he will have a „central role“ in discussions expected to last at least two years.

The European Parliament’s approval is required before any settlement is agreed with the UK. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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Boris Johnson is not the first foreign secretary to be booed.

Posted by hkarner - 17. Juli 2016

Date: 16-07-2016
Source: BBC
Johnson CC2Subject: Boris Johnson: Super ambassador?

Lord Castlereagh, architect of the post-Napoleonic European order, was jeered in 1822 as he lay dead in his coffin, the crowd outside his Westminster Abbey funeral showing their anger at his domestic repression, not his diplomatic renown.

Geoffrey Howe was booed in Hong Kong in 1989 by local people fearful of Chinese rule.

Jack Straw was jostled and called a traitor when he visited Gibraltar in 2002 amid talks about joint sovereignty with Spain.

It is quite something, though, to be booed on your first full day as Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs.

Yet that was the fate that befell Mr Johnson as he attended a reception at the French embassy.

And there was worse. His French counterpart, Jean-Marc Ayrault, called him a liar.

And then within hours, he was expressing his shock and sadness at what he called the „appalling events in Nice and the terrible loss of life.“ Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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Brexit: There is a vacuum that must be filled

Posted by hkarner - 30. Juni 2016

  • 28 June 2016

The country is gripped by a strange mood – it is as if certainty, the recognisable shape of things, has been taken away.

The UK voted decisively but with little idea as to what would follow a vote to leave the EU.

There is no route map or agreed strategy or list of demands. Everything has to be drawn up.

A group of individuals fought a highly effective campaign and won.

When asked what would happen after a vote to leave, they never gave a comprehensive answer.

They were a movement, not a party, and had no detailed manifesto.

Neither do they have any power.

All they have is the authority of 17 million votes behind them.

Some believe that victory has brought a dangerous vacuum.  Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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Billion people face global flooding risk by 2060, charity warns

Posted by hkarner - 17. Mai 2016

Date: 16-05-2016
Source: BBC

Coastal urban populations in China are among those most at risk, the study says

A British aid charity is warning that by 2060 more than a billion people worldwide will live in cities at risk of catastrophic flooding as a result of climate change.

A study by Christian Aid says the US, China and India are among the countries most threatened.

It says the Indian cities of Kolkata and Mumbai will be most at risk.

The eight most vulnerable cities on the list are all in Asia, followed by Miami in the US. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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