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China Survived the Trade War in Good Shape

Posted by hkarner - 20. Januar 2020

Date: 19‑01‑2020

Source: The Wall Street Journal

China’s economy is starting 2020 on a much stronger footing than a year ago, but faces risks from a slowing housing market

A lantern workshop gears up ahead of Lunar New Year celebrations in China, where the economy is off to a good start in 2020.

What a difference a year makes. As 2019 dawned, the Chinese economy, battered

by a credit crunch at home and trade tensions abroad, looked its shakiest since late 2015. A year later, China has fought the U.S. to a draw on the trade war, exporters’ profits are rebounding, and the labor market is stabilizing.

If 2019 proved anything, it is that U.S. pressure alone—without the help of allies—can’t completely derail China’s economy. China’s export sector was already recovering before Wednesday’s trade truce, thanks to an uptick in the global electronics industry. The real impediments to growth lie within: in a rickety financial sector and statist leadership which remains wary of market‑oriented reforms. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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A Very Stable Genius review: dysfunction and disaster at the court of King Donald

Posted by hkarner - 20. Januar 2020

Date: 19‑01‑2020

Source: The Guardian

Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker, Pulitzer‑winning Washington Post reporters, have produced a vital and alarming read

Donald Trump speaks in Bossier City, Louisiana.

In January 2018, Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury made headlines as it depicted a president out of control and a White House that careened from crisis to crisis. Donald Trump threatened legal action against author and publisher. He also lauded himself and his electoral college victory: “I think that would qualify as not smart, but genius … and a very stable genius at that!”

Trump’s outburst confirmed what many already feared. In the aftermath of the firing of FBI director James Comey in May 2017, Rod Rosenstein, then deputy attorney general, reportedly weighed secretly recording the president with an eye to removing him from office under the 25th amendment.

Now Philip Rucker and Carol Leonnig of the Washington Post offer A Very Stable Genius. As befitting Pulitzer winners for investigative reporting, their book is richly sourced and highly readable.

It sheds new light on how the 45th president tests the boundaries of the office while trying the patience and dignity of those who work for or with him. It is not just another Trump tell‑all or third‑party confessional. It is unsettling, not salacious. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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