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Is Von Der Leyen the Leader Europe Needs?

Posted by hkarner - 30. Juli 2019

Dominique Moisi is a special adviser at the Institut Montaigne in Paris. He is the author of La Géopolitique des Séries ou le triomphe de la peur.

Germany’s Ursula von der Leyen is far from being a bad choice to be the next president of the European Commission. Yet, alongside the general sense of relief that EU leaders managed to agree on a candidate, a nagging doubt remains as to whether Europe will really have the best person – and team – at the helm.

PARIS – Charles de Gaulle had “a certain idea of France.” But does Ursula von der Leyen, the next president of the European Commission, have a certain idea of Europe, in the way Jacques Delors did when he held the European Union’s top job?

Perhaps this is an unfair and irrelevant question. After all, Delors’s own view of Europe evolved over time. And more generally, Europe’s politics (and therefore its politicians) have become more pragmatic and less idealistic in the half-century since de Gaulle’s death. Politicians nowadays are (at best) ambitious doers and, more often than not, astute survivors. Yet the next Commission president will take office at a time when Europe desperately needs a visionary leader rather than a mere dealmaker. True, von der Leyen is far from being a bad choice. She will be the first woman to hold the EU’s top job, and the first German to do so since Walter Hallstein in the late 1950s and 1960s, when European integration was in its infancy. Moreover, von der Leyen is undeniably pro-European and Atlanticist. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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Boris Johnson Ramps Up No-Deal Brexit Rhetoric, Causing Pound to Fall

Posted by hkarner - 30. Juli 2019

Date: 29-07-2019
Source: The Wall Street Journal

The British prime minister won’t engage with EU leaders unless they reopen deal negotiations, making a no-deal exit from the bloc more likely

LONDON—Britain’s new Prime Minister Boris Johnson is refusing to meet with European Union leaders unless they renegotiate a Brexit divorce deal, beginning a standoff with the bloc that triggered the pound to fall to its lowest level against the euro in almost two years on Monday.

Since entering Downing Street last week, Mr. Johnson has upped the rhetoric around leaving the EU without a deal to smooth the way on Oct. 31, stating that it was the default position unless a previously negotiated divorce agreement is significantly altered. On Monday, his spokeswoman said that Mr. Johnson would only begin face-to-face meetings with EU leaders if they agreed to change key aspects to the deal, something the other 27 member states have so far refused to do.

On a visit to Scotland on Monday, Mr. Johnson said that there was “scope” for a new deal but only if the EU cooperated. The pound fell more than 1% against the dollar amid rising worries that a no-deal break with the EU would damage the British economy. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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