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Challenges Facing the Digital Economy’s Third Wave

Posted by hkarner - 5. Mai 2019

Date: 05-05-2019
Source: The Wall Street Journal By Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Progress will depend on a complex reworking of production systems, business models and societal expectations

Society is entering the third wave of the digital economy, creating a new set of challenges, according to Robert Atkinson, founder and president of the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, a think tank focused on science and technology policy.

“Implementing the next wave of digital technologies will be much more difficult from a sociopolitical perspective than it was during the last two digital transformations because there is broader and stiffer opposition today,“ he writes in The Task Ahead of Us: Transforming the Global Economy With Connectivity, Automation, and Intelligence.

The first wave was based on personal computing, the internet, Web 1.0 and e-commerce. The second brought us Web 2.0, big data, smartphones and cloud computing. The emerging third wave involves machines leveraging huge volumes of data and advanced algorithms to help us understand and deal with our increasingly complex world. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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Britain: A lack of leadership is not the country’s only difficulty

Posted by hkarner - 5. Mai 2019

Date: 05-05-2019
Source: The Economist: Bagehot
Subject: Britain’s followership problem

Back in 1997 Warren Bennis, a management guru, invited this columnist, who then had the onerous job of reporting on California, to a soirée in his house on Santa Monica beach to discuss the evergreen topic of leadership. A junior guru presented a paper on how today’s leaders needed all sorts of touchy-feely qualities such as empathy. Yours truly annoyed everyone by arguing that Margaret Thatcher had been a pretty good leader without knowingly engaging in empathy. Then Peter Drucker, speaking in a heavy Viennese accent and dressed in a three-piece suit, threw his own hand-grenade. “I don’t know why people are so fixated on the subject of leadership,” he said, or words to that effect. “What we really need to think about is followership.”

It is worth remembering Drucker’s words whenever people talk about Britain’s crisis of leadership. There is no doubt that Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn are singularly unimpressive figures. But Parliament also contains a fair number of people with sparkling cvs, such as Rory Stewart, or remarkable life stories, such as Angela Rayner. Regardless of their abilities, political leaders have to perform before an increasingly hostile audience which routinely questions their motives and trashes their achievements. Followers are a tougher crowd than they used to be. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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