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Fortress Europe? The state of the EU

Posted by hkarner - 13. September 2018

Date: 12-09-2018
Source: The Economist

Today the president of the European Commission delivers his last State of the Union speech before the European Parliament. Jean-Claude Juncker will promise larger and more centralised patrols of the EU’s external borders, “solidarity” with southern members bearing the brunt of migration flows, and new development co-operation with African states. To some, this “Fortress Europe” strategy risks undermining the union’s humanitarian responsibilities; others think it a fair response to voters’ concerns.

Europe remains profoundly divided on the subject. Southern members are reluctant to delegate their border regimes to Brussels. Some northern and eastern ones do not want their share of asylum seekers. Parliamentarians are weighing the possibility of suspending some of Hungary’s rights of membership in the EU, as punishment for its harsh treatment of migrants. Meanwhile, north African states are unhappy at hosting transit camps for would-be migrants to Europe. Mr Juncker will stress unity. His prescriptions could illustrate how ambitious that aspiration is.

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