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Langer Schatten der Finanzkrise: Staat hilft Ex-Kommunalkredit aus

Posted by hkarner - 9. September 2017

FRAGE & ANTWORT: Andreas Schnauder

8. September 2017, 06:00 derstandard.at

Der Rest der Kommunalkredit, KA Finanz, wird nun direkt vom Bund finanziert, der dafür acht Milliarden Euro in die Hand nimmt Erinnert sich noch jemand an die Notverstaatlichung der Kommunalkredit? Sie war 2008 eines der ersten Opfer der Finanzkrise, die Volksbanken delegierten das Problem an die Republik. Neun Jahre später sind die guten Teile verkauft, der Rest blieb der Allgemeinheit. Künftig wird die Abbaueinheit KA Finanz direkt vom Staat finanziert. Acht Milliarden Euro muss der Bund dafür an Kredit aufnehmen. Die wichtigsten Fragen und Antworten zur Bad Bank:

Frage: Der Bund borgt der KA Finanz acht Milliarden Euro. Was sind die Gründe für dieses Engagement? Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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A new paradigm for the introductory course in economics

Posted by hkarner - 9. September 2017

Research Professor and Director of the Behavioral Sciences Program, Santa Fe Institute

Professor of Economics, UCL; CEPR Research Fellow

Samuel Bowles, Wendy Carlin 07 September 2017, vox.eu

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Manufacturing Sector Starts Growing!

Posted by hkarner - 9. September 2017

Tuesday, September 5, 2017, Observing Greece

The latest report by IHS Markit about the Greek manufacturing sector has got to be the best news in ages! It says that:

* the Greek manufacturing sector growth, i. e. the Purchasing Managers Index (PMI), climbed to the highest level since August of 2008!
* it was bolstered by BOTH domestic and foreign demand!
* and the rate of jobs growth was the sharpest in over 17-1/2 years!

I am reminded of an article which a wrote 4 months ago, titled „The Gut Says: ‚Greece Is On The Rebound!‚“

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Stemming the Flow: Why Europe’s Migrant Strategy Is an Illusion

Posted by hkarner - 9. September 2017

Date: 07-09-2017

Europe hopes that the fates of African migrants will soon be decided at facilities in Chad or Niger. It is a wonderful idea, but also a misleading illusion. In truth, Europe’s primary focus is on shutting down the Mediterranean route.

Jonathan Obote’s voice drops to a whisper when he describes what it’s like to live in a prison in Garabulli, Libya. He lives in a cell with 60 others, penned in like an animal, he says in a moment when the guards aren’t paying attention. He sleeps on the ground, he says, is beaten by the guards and often goes hungry.

Not long ago, Obote, a thin 23-year-old Nigerian with a young face but tired eyes, was working with his brother on a construction site in Tripoli hoping to earn enough money to continue his journey to Europe. But then, half a year ago, men wearing masks dragged him from his apartment and took him to Garabulli, near Tripoli, a launching point for refugee boats bound for Italy. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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The facial-industrial complex

Posted by hkarner - 9. September 2017

Date: 07-09-2017
Source: The Economist

Ever better and cheaper, face-recognition technology is spreading

China’s Megvii has used government-collected data to lead the sector

TOURING the headquarters of Megvii in Beijing is like visiting Big Brother’s engine room. A video camera in the firm’s lobby recognises visitors in the blink of an eye.

Other such devices are deployed around the office. Some of the images they capture are shown on a wall of video called “Skynet”, after the artificial-intelligence (AI) system in the “Terminator” films. One feed shows a group of employees waiting in front of an elevator with a white frame around every face and the name of each person next to it. Quizzed on the Orwellian overtones of the set-up, Yin Qi, the startup’s chief executive, simply remarks that “this helps catch bad guys.”

Even if Mr Yin wanted to ponder the implications of the technology, he would not have the time. Megvii is busy building what he describes as a “brain” for visual computing. The firm has come a long way since its founding in 2011 (its name stands for “mega vision”). More than 300,000 companies and individuals around the world use its face-recognition technology, which is called Face++, making it one of the biggest such services. In December Megvii raised $100m, giving it a valuation of nearly $2bn and turning it into the world’s first billion-dollar startup from might be called the “facial-industrial complex”. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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