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Meet Amazon’s New Archrival: BRIAN

Posted by hkarner - 4. August 2017

Date: 03-08-2017
Source: The Wall Street Journal

Morgan Stanley has a new framework for determining which industries are vulnerable to competition from Amazon

You have heard of FANG, but have you met BRIAN?

Morgan Stanley has a framework for assessing which industries are more or less susceptible to encroachment by Amazon.com. It is calling this five-factor rubric BRIAN, an acronym for “bespoke products,” “regulatory hurdles,” “industry/business model,” “attention post-sale” and “nuances.”

Strengths or weaknesses in those areas impact the “pace and potential of Amazon disruption,” wrote analyst, er, Brian Nowak in a research note. Travel, luxury goods and formal apparel have a high degree of customization so can’t be easily replicated online; pharmaceuticals and insurance are protected by regulatory hurdles; low margins provide a defense for craft and dollar stores; do-it-yourself auto parts and home improvement require specialized customer service and installation; and real estate and auto purchases tend to be too complex for online sales.

Mr. Nowak, an internet analyst, didn’t name names of companies that look more defensible. With a Buy rating and a $1,150 price target on its shares, he also doesn’t seem too concerned about Amazon’s growth prospects.



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