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Europe’s bigger problem: depopulation

Posted by hkarner - 12. Juli 2017

Date: 11-07-2017
Source: The Economist

Anti-migration types may suggest that “Europe is full”, but statistics released ahead of World Population Day today paint a different picture.

Although the overall population of the European Union’s 28 members grew last year by 1.5m, in ten countries it shrank. In some places, such as Germany, immigration has made up for low birth rates.

In others, such as Ireland, it’s the other way around. But eastern Europe, which has shed inhabitants for decades, gets shorted on both counts. In Latvia, for example, an exodus of Russians after the Soviet era was followed by another 10% population drop following accession to the EU.

The eastern European population is projected to fall by more than 20% by 2060, according to the International Longevity Centre UK. In the short term this labour scarcity drives up wages—but in the long run it threatens the region’s attractiveness to businesses.

The solution seems obvious: let the migrants in.


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