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Still there: Europe’s migrant crisis

Posted by hkarner - 11. Mai 2017

Date: 10-05-2017
Source: The Economist

In 2015 more than 1m refugees made their way to Europe from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere. A few countries, notably Germany and Sweden, initially welcomed them. Far more were hostile.

Today the European Court of Justice begins hearing two cases brought by Slovakia and Hungary in December 2015 against the European Union’s mandatory relocation of 160,000 refugees from Greece and Italy to other member states.

Viktor Orban, Hungary’s prime minister, called the scheme “a serious threat to every European nation, and to the Hungarian nation in particular”. If the ECJ sides with him and Robert Fico, the Slovakian prime minister, the EU will find it much harder to persuade other recalcitrant members to take more refugees.

But Mr Orban wins either way: defeat gives him yet another reason to lambast the bossy eurocrats of Brussels. The politically fraught ruling could come as soon as the autumn.

and of course the UK: 0,00


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