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Greek Parties: Adjust Your Programs To What Voters Really Want!

Posted by hkarner - 13. März 2017

Friday, March 10, 2017, Observing Greece

A frequent experience with management consultants is that their beautifully phrased ideas and proposals, all in PowerPoint format, don’t work so well during implementation. Many times the reaction to that is to involve the consultants even more, based on the belief that, eventually, their beautifully phrased ideas and proposals simply had to show results.

Every once in a while a common sense manager asks a different kind of question, namely: „If we want to increase efficiency in, say, Operating Division A, why don’t we ask the people concerned how they think we could accomplish that?“ More often than not, the result of such common sense is miraculous.

The non-profit think tank Dianeosis made a survery where they tried to find out „What Greeks believe“. The results are astonishing! Here are some excerpts:

„In short, this part of the survey tells us that Greeks would like to see a smaller public sector and lower taxes – even if this means a reduction in social benefits – with growth driven by foreign investments and exports, rather than the spending policies of a ‚populist government‘. Globalization, which three in five see as a threat to Greece on an abstract level, is also regarded as the only way to return to prosperity.“

„The conclusion that can be drawn from the part of the survey concerning the crisis is a sense of pragmatism and acknowledgment of a new reality. For example, 62.1 percent of respondents admitted that ‚our own failures‘ are largely responsible for the crisis, while just 9.7 percent put it down to foreign influences. A large percentage (76 percent) put the onus on society at large, which had become accustomed to living beyond its means, while a smaller percentage blamed the global financial system (59.4 percent compared with 77.3 percent in April 2015).“

„According to 62.4 percent of respondents, Greece needs a smaller public sector. Just 21.8 percent believe that a rebound will come from raising state salaries and pensions, against 73.2 percent who said that the government needs to provide incentives to attract investment and boost exports as a means of economic recovery.“

„Finally, 84.4 percent of Greeks have a positive view of foreign investments, with 92.1 percent saying they create jobs and 88.8 percent that they introduce new technologies.“

In an age where populism is on the rise, one wonders why there wouldn’t be a populist Greek party which would immediately jump on the above feelings of Greeks and amend their party program accordingly. If the above survey was an accurate reflection of what Greeks really believe, that party ought to win the next election in a big way.



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