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Posted by hkarner - 20. Januar 2017

…a word which will accompany us for the next 4 years.

from my (American) friend R.H. from today’s NYT:

„But on the other hand, Mr. Trump’s witlessness will cause major damage if he doesn’t learn his lead role quickly. Just as the new president doesn’t know how many member states NATO has, he obviously has little clue about the anxiety his loose talk generates in Central and Eastern Europe. He uses the same words when talking to European journalists as he does speaking at Ohio campaign rallies: an admirable quality to some; a sign of deep ignorance to others.“ 

„Witlessness“………………what a great word to describe our new President, how perfect.

My Response: „Dear Dick, I just watched the inauguration ceremony on TV:
A great country has become miserable! My commiseration!“

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