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The Family Dog Will also Get a Senior Position

Posted by hkarner - 10. Januar 2017

Date: 09-01-2017
Source: The Wall Street Journal
Subject: Donald Trump Names Son-in-Law Jared Kushner as Senior Adviser

One of the most influential voices in the Trump camp to get a wide-ranging portfolio

kushner-wikiJared Kushner, son-in-law of President-elect Donald Trump.
President-elect Donald Trump is hiring son-in-law Jared Kushner as a senior adviser with a wide-ranging portfolio, a person familiar with the matter said, bringing to the West Wing one of the most influential figures in the Trump camp.

Mr. Kushner, who turns 36 on Tuesday, has played a large role in Mr. Trump’s transition, helping to select top-ranking staff and set strategy, transition advisers said. Mr. Trump’s team has long wanted to bring him to the White House, but saw a potential obstacle in a 1967 anti-nepotism law.

In hiring Mr. Kushner, the Trump team has apparently concluded the appointment doesn’t violate the law.

Mr. Kushner’s attorney, Jamie Gorelick, said Monday Mr. Kushner would take several steps to avoid conflicts of interest upon entering the White House. Ms. Gorelick, an attorney with the firm WilmerHale and a former U.S. deputy attorney general, said Mr. Kushner would resign from his position as chief executive of real estate developer Kushner Companies, as well as from his position at the New York Observer, a newspaper he owns.

He would also divest himself from “substantial assets,” though not from all of his holdings, she said.“There will be remaining assets that he’s unable to divest, at least in the near term,” Ms. Gorelick said. At the White House, Mr. Kushner would recuse himself from taking part in matters that would have a “direct and predictable effect” on those assets, in accordance with federal law, she said.

Mr. Kushner stepped down from the board of Global Gateway Alliance, a nonprofit organization that promotes growth in the New York region. He has been serving on the board, a group of leaders in business, government, labor and education established in 2012. The Alliance focuses on issues facing regional airports and infrastructure to “facilitate the continued growth of the region,” according to its website.

Mr. Kushner, who is married to Ivanka Trump, Mr. Trump’s daughter, was one of Mr. Trump’s closest advisers during the campaign.


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