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Greek Soccer – Take-Over By Foreigners!

Posted by hkarner - 18. Oktober 2016

Monday, October 17, 2016, Observing Greece Kastner

Here is an interesting development described in this article from the Ekathimerini: the Greek Soccer Federation (EPO) is essentially being taken over by the FIFA. Reasons given are:

„The FIFA Council was briefed on the different issues faced by the Greek federation in recent months, such as the tense relationships with the authorities, due partly to discrepancies between national laws and the independence of the federation, the resignation of the president and other members of the federation’s executive committee due to judicial procedures, the allegations linked to refereeing, as well as the difficulties surrounding the management of ethics cases.“

And the reaction from the Greek government? Unacceptable colonialist behavior on the part of FIFA? Illegal intervention in national sovereignty? Greece being made a soccer colony by foreigners?

Not at all! Greece’s Deputy Sports Minister Stavros Kontonis welcomed the move as „a positive development which will be combined with the placement of worthy people to manage a problem that has plagued Greek sports for years“.

Well, if it works for the soccer federation, would it perhaps work elsewhere as well?



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