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A Fraudulent Executioner Of The Greek People?

Posted by hkarner - 3. Oktober 2016

Sunday, October 2, 2016, Observing GreeceKastner

Much has been said about the former head of ELSTAT, Andreas Georgiou, but when one reads this article one really wonders that there is no uproar among serious people in Greece.

Greece’s least wanted man lives in Maryland

The executioner of the Greek people? Criminal slander for calling Greece’s previous statistics fraudulent? C’mon!

On 2 October 2009, the Greek government (New Democracy) formally notified Eurostat that the 2009 deficit was expected at 6% of GDP. Exactly one week later, the governor of the Bank of Greece informed the new government (PASOK) that the deficit for 2009 would reach, if not exceed, 12%. By November 2009, the government settled on the figure of 12,7% as the most likely deficit figure for 2009. In April 2010, ELSTAT corrected this figure to 13,6%.

And in October 2010, Andreas Georgiou, as the new head of ELSTAT, revised the final figure to 15,4%.

It seems quite obvious that Andreas Georgiou singlehandedly executed the Greek people!



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