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Fiscal Adjustment: Too Much of a Good Thing?

Posted by hkarner - 1. Februar 2012

‎ ‎30. ‎Jänner ‎2012, ‏‎01:57:43 | iMFdirect

By Carlo Cottarelli

The IMF has argued for some time that the very high public debt ratios in many advanced economies should be brought down to safer levels through a gradual and steady process. Doing either too little or too much both involve risks: not enough fiscal adjustment could lead to a loss of market confidence and a fiscal crisis, potentially killing growth; but too much adjustment will hurt growth directly.

At times over the last couple of years we called on countries to step up the pace of adjustment when we thought they were moving too slowly.

Instead, in the current environment, I worry that some might be going too fast. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »


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Why Don’t We Act in Our Own Best Interest?

Posted by hkarner - 1. Februar 2012

‎Heute, ‎31. ‎Jänner ‎2012, ‏‎vor 3 Stunden | Tony Schwartz, HBR Blog

At the World Economic Forum last week, I attended a small dinner that included eight Nobel Prize winners. What a privilege in itself.

The question the Laureates were asked to address was „What do you see as the world’s biggest challenges?“ They facilitated conversations at each table, and at the end, each of them reported out.

Their suggestions included overpopulation, unemployment, the environment, and inequality. Each of the Nobel winners was eloquent and wise about these issues, but the reality is that the challenges are familiar, and they’re getting worse, not better. The common denominator among all of them is that they are problems created by humans. So why can’t we humans solve them?

The most basic answer is that we don’t make a connection between our current behavior and its future consequences. As Muhammad Yunus, the Bagladeshi economist, put it, „Leaders don’t have time for the future because they’re too busy with the present.“ Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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Draghi, Soros, Geithner, Roubini, Calderon, Merkel: In Their Own Words From the WEF on the Europe Crisis Via Bloomberg

Posted by hkarner - 1. Februar 2012


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