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Central Banks and Gold Demand: How Will IMF Sales Affect the Gold Market?

Posted by hkarner - 24. Juni 2009

  • The IMF, the third largest official holder of gold intends to sell 403 tons of its 3217 tons in gold holdings, pending approval from 85% of its members which will likely be given in fall 2009. Any sales will be gradual
  • IMF gold sales are unlikely to be a negative disruptive factor for the gold market and could be a very positive development if it is purchased by other official investors (central banks) [UBS]

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Germany’s Business Sentiment Indicator: Why is it up?

Posted by hkarner - 24. Juni 2009

  • On June 22, the German Business sentiment indicators reached a three month high, surpassing its forecast, even though „hard“ data such as German exports and industrial production continued to fall sharply. While for some observers this development means that the economy is recovering, others are debating how valuable the indicator results are since Germany still finds itself in a deep recession

Business Climate Index: The June reading of 85.9 has been the highest since November 2008. The index based on 7000 executives had reached a 26-year low of 82.2 in March 2009

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Österreichs Banken in Osteuropa NEU!

Posted by hkarner - 24. Juni 2009

Update zur bisher sehr nachgefragten Aufstellung. Mit dem RZB CEE Banking Report eingearbeitet.

Österreichs Banken in Osteuropa

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